In Bloom

Thursday, 10 May 2018

While I was away in America recently, a heatwave in the UK made everything bloom. By the time I was back, the trees and plants were unreconizable from their winter dregs and suddenly in colours of soft pink and lush green. This is also known as Spring (duh). Hallelujah - at last some warmer weather. My resident cactus is doing well and theres some fresh flowers on my desk. All is well.

I saw this second picture on tumblr and thought how if there was a Met gala theme that simply required a costumed version of yourself- this would suit me quite well. Surrounded by flowers and foliage. The picture is by Irving Penn and quite apt because it was for US Vogue in April 1995, aka the month and year I was born. There is something about the beauty of flowers that makes me so happy. 

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