Winter Outfit Inspiration

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Baby It's cold outside... December is here and I'm feeling festive already. Most mornings, the sky is coloured by that sparkling ice blue which makes the air sharp and the ground frost. Somehow in the move back from Liverpool I've misplaced my cashmere scarf and gloves. On top of that, Speck (cockapoo of the house) has mutilated my fleece hat. This is a disastrous turn of events for December,  so I've had my eye on this COS Navy Label Coat and the Acne Canada scarf to resolve the issue. It's also that season where I'm excited again by everything in stores- I think most people would agree AW is where British fashion in particular really shines. I've already picked up a couple key classic pieces that I'm really happy with, just need something now to keep me extra warm on the early morning commute. 

Paris Photo Diary

Thursday, 2 November 2017
I've never spent much time in France, let alone visited Paris- which is pretty bizarre considering it's very close to London and a city I've heard so much about, especially in fashion culture. My boyfriend and I booked a trip on the whim and spent four days wandering the streets and eating a lot. We stayed in a Airbnb with beautiful windows (the views! the light!) that was very old and basic charming in a Parisian way. We saw most the sights which were of course, very gorgeous and iconic. I loved wandering the neighbourhoods like Marais for shopping and Montmartre where our Airbnb was for cosy dinners and sunset drinking. The two main museums we chose to queue for were the Musée d'Orsay and the Dior exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs, which deserves it's own blog post. The only thing we missed unfortunately was a trip to Versailles which I've dreamed of doing for years. I've seen Marie Antoinette too many times not to and it just looks beyond opulent. Perfect for an excuse to go back and visit again. 
.. and finally the beautiful sunset from our airbnb. The Sacre Coeur was to the left and then the whole of Paris to the right- and it was all drenched in pink. Photos don't do it justice.

October outfit inspiration

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

It's just occurred me that I hardly ever feature jeans on a polyvore set but wear a pair every single day in daily life. I'm not sure whether its a bit outdated now (remember when every blogger used polyvore? the golden days) but it's one of those sites thats firmly been a source of inspiration for me for a good eight years. I like that the items I save are often a) vintage b) wildly out of stock/unavailable and c) designer. It means it's devoid of the whole 'MUST BUY THIS NOW' because I just literally can't. So, its just wholly for putting those combinations together and thus your profile slowly becomes a homage to your 'wildest dreams' personal style. 

The weathers sort of warm sort of chilly here in London so I'm enjoying light knits and leather jackets before the heavy duty coats roll in. I've added a new SHOP page on my blog with all sorts of stuff I'm eyeing up (eyeing not buying- unemployed woes) that you can check out here or at the top of the page. And as proved above, I'm always mooching around on polyvore so I really recommend it in general if you're a bit stuck on what you wanna be wearing this season, next season, whatever season really.  

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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

My first proper introduction to Byredo perfumes was in 2015 when the PR company graciously sent some of their minis for me to try. I love the branding and influences behind each perfume so was a first choice when I was in the market for a new scent. Around Christmas I had a major sniff session in Liberty and came out with 'Pulp' which is described as a 'compilation of exotic and Swedish influences that create an international fruit basket' (lol). To me it smells like the apple tree at the end of my garden when the fruit falls and the September sun bakes the fruit into a sultry, sweet mess on the floor. I love its woody sweet fresh scent. 

Bal D'Afrique is another gorgeous perfume that was in the gift with purchase and is a 'warm and romantic vetiver inspired by Paris in the late 20's and its infatuation with African culture, art, music and dance.' It's such a warm and unique scent that I wouldn't normally be drawn to but it seems to work really well on my skin. I'm eyeing up the candles next, especially the one that smells like a library! 


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September Wishlist

Thursday, 7 September 2017

The high street has been inundated with check print lately, in lovely neutral tones often with tortoise shell buttons. Safe to say a lot of my bookmarked items have been just that- checked blazers, trousers, dresses, skirts. Camel tones have also made an appearance (as always) with that perfect Totême jumper. The brand has quickly risen to a favourite of mine because of their emphasis on quality material and classic cuts. But the one thing I'm seriously intending on purchasing is a necklace by Alighieri, who makes beautiful jewellery inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy. I did a lot of studying of Dante at University so its cool to see how these works of art and poetry come to life in her pieces. The tough part is choosing which one..

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New beginnings

Wednesday, 6 September 2017
Hello! It’s been a while since I last posted. In the time that’s passed, I’ve graduated from Liverpool, got my degree in English, moved back home and started thinking about the Next Big Step. I have missed my little corner on the web and having something to work on that isn’t for Uni, isn’t for a career or isn’t for money. No deadlines or pressure- just somewhere to share. 

It's bizarre how quickly you adapt to a yearly routine. After my A-Levels, I was so unsure about going to University and dreaded the continuation of the education cycle so took a year to work and travel. I had the most amazing year and changed from my original plans (fashion journalism at LCF or journalism at City) to do English at Liverpool, kind of last minute. At the start of Uni, I was mourning the freedom my year off gave me and missed London. Three years later, Septembers come around again and I wish very much I was packing up for one of my favourite cities and driving up North. I miss living with my friends, getting a favourite tutor on a new favourite module, Abercromby square in each season, date nights in the beautiful city, the music scene, friendly and lovely scousers and the people I met there. It was an wonderful chapter in my life (like it is for so many) and it's funny to think back to when I was so adamant about NOT going to University. As the cycle goes, I'll look back at this September and think wow how unsure you think things are now but how it will all fall into place and be fine. There is always good things to come. 

I've settled back into home now, getting some new furniture and having a reshuffle to make my room into a happy/work friendly/pretty/cosy space. I've got all new pictures up on my pinboard which I've been loving to have as a go-to for inspiration (finally a relevant sentence to the pictures above, jeez emma). I'm looking forward to posting more, the usual stuff, trips and mood boards and wish lists, and start living the grad life. Thanks for reading if anyones still there! 

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