Feeling blue

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ugh, January blues, you are so real and still as potent in your last days as your first. Tornado wind weather and exam season has drained my initial 5 minute enthusiasm for 2016 and now I feel like a deflated balloon. Sartorial wise- I am searching for the perfect blue shirt like the one above (source: fashion-gone-rouge) but nothing similar has materialised on the high street as of yet.  

Meanwhile I'll be dreaming of a tropical island with the right kind of blues...

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  1. Love this! The silk shirt and furry coat are a perfect match!

    Sophie | DenimMondays

  2. That blue fuzzy coat and that silk shirt up top are giving me such life!
    Also, a blue oxford shirt seems like the perfect wardrobe staple -- good luck on your hunt :) Try Cos, maybe?

    Sampz and Such

    1. lol same! cos don't have many atm- maybe closer to spring!


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