Feeling blue

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Ugh, January blues, you are so real and still as potent in your last days as your first. Tornado wind weather and exam season has drained my initial 5 minute enthusiasm for 2016 and now I feel like a deflated balloon. Sartorial wise- I am searching for the perfect blue shirt like the one above (source: fashion-gone-rouge) but nothing similar has materialised on the high street as of yet.  

Meanwhile I'll be dreaming of a tropical island with the right kind of blues...

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Berlin Photo Diary

Sunday, 10 January 2016
 I've been all over Europe but surprisingly never to Germany- so, for New Year, me and some friends booked an Airbnb apartment for a week in Berlin. It was very fun and eventful, also rather cold, so these pictures were only taken when I could bare to take off my gloves. The amount of graffiti, street art and posters that plastered Berlin really surprised me, but made the city seem relaxed and more interesting. I am definitely going to visit again, we barely scratched the surface of the wonderful  museums Berlin has to offer and I bet in the warmer months the city is even more lively. 

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