Parisian vibes wishlist

Friday, 3 July 2015
I've still never been to Paris mind, unless visiting the train station counts (probably not). I really wish I was travelling more this summer or at least had a trip that I was saving for. Waking up, checking instagram and seeing a 20-something girl lying in some kind of paradise, as she has done for the past year eating acai bowls and doing lots of yoga is majorly disheartening. Who are these girls?! Whats going on that allows that elusive lifestyle? Especially with the whole Youtube boom it has completely normalised going on multiple casual whirlwind trips a month. But that is still SO COOL to me and so immensely WTF that that is so many young peoples life now. Very very lucky people.

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  1. Love this wishlist! The jealousy is real, wish I was travelling and seeing new places too!

  2. These are such nice picks, thanks for sharing :) Have just fallen in love with that crop top as we love the detailing
    Just found your blog and love it - had to give you a follow!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  3. this post captures exactly why i am severely down about life, i question why i am not waking up at 1pm to a quinoa salad and no work everyday! i also just did a little scream thinking the topshop bardot was back in stock when i saw you link it, but it isn't, i need it :(((( xx


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