Sefton Park, Liverpool, in film

Friday, 31 July 2015
Canon A-1 with 35mm lens
Took these photos at the start of summer and love how crisp and vibrant they turned out. There was a turtle chilling by the side of the lake too, so cute, reminded me of Turtle Pond in Central Park where you can sit on the rocks and they sunbathe next to you. I'm forever practicing how to focus/use the manual settings correctly on the camera (the other half of the 36exp did not go down so well) so I'm glad at least some were half decent. 

Audrey Hepburn exhibition

Friday, 24 July 2015

I was invited along to the Audrey Hepburn exhibition that is running at the National Portrait Gallery currently and loved it. Tickets are sold out for a while I believe but if you can go, go. It's quite small but curated perfectly. 

I bought the book ‘Portraits of an icon’ and it's so interesting to read about her early struggles and then relentless humanitarian work until she sadly passed. Why she was so adored was much bigger than her films, her beauty... It was her courage, spirit and independence especially in a time when women’s roles were continually being redefined. She wasn’t necessarily a sexy pin up, nor a complacent housewife, but a fierce yet gentle embodiment of femininity.

It sounds almost wistful talking about her like this, but not only some of the most defining photographers of this century could see her magnetism, the allure she eluded in every play, film or photo, but the whole world could too.

Running till the 18th of October.. tickets here

Two favourite things lately

Sunday, 19 July 2015
When you plan to buy something for its full retail price in store but then see it second hand for £120, you know something in the universe is looking out for you. It's slightly too big but I kind of like that look anyway so end up wearing it all the time in the evenings. I even brought with me to Glastonbury because I knew unlike the past three years at Reading I wouldn't be surrounded by people throwing beer and piss #glam. For now this is The One, unless an Acne or YSL version mysteriously comes my way...
Canon A-1 with 35mm lens
Surprise surprise I got this second hand too, years ago, but finally purchased some Kodak Portra film so I could use it again. People get so smiley and relaxed behind a film camera so I'm excited to see the results of lugging it around for a couple of months.

Parisian vibes wishlist

Friday, 3 July 2015
I've still never been to Paris mind, unless visiting the train station counts (probably not). I really wish I was travelling more this summer or at least had a trip that I was saving for. Waking up, checking instagram and seeing a 20-something girl lying in some kind of paradise, as she has done for the past year eating acai bowls and doing lots of yoga is majorly disheartening. Who are these girls?! Whats going on that allows that elusive lifestyle? Especially with the whole Youtube boom it has completely normalised going on multiple casual whirlwind trips a month. But that is still SO COOL to me and so immensely WTF that that is so many young peoples life now. Very very lucky people.

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Band of gypsies

Thursday, 2 July 2015
 This heatwave calls for bra-free dresses and ugly shoes. I have no idea how cali girls look so cute and stylish all the time in their eternal summer? I'm tanned from Glastonbury too because Its hard not to fall asleep outside when its molten lava inside your tent and you've just worked the night shift. I'm going to do a 'favourites' post next so will talk more about the festival then! 

(band of gypsies dress, birks, vintage backpack)
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