&OtherStories haul

Friday, 22 May 2015
I've been in London for the past two days and after ordering some things online from Otherstories plus picking up something in store, a 'haul' post seemed appropriate. I love the the actual store, it physically represents the brands style/class really well. Hats off to the interior designer and merchandiser..
I would happily smother myself in all of the &Otherstories body moisturisers, the scents are so gorgeous. I love the mediterranean ones because a) they were on sale b) I feel like I spent so much of my childhood in the mediterranean and its just like that holiday scent that you only get when you're in a villa in Balearic islands fresh out of the pool surrounded by flowers in the heat. They're described as 'a scent of sweet rhubarb that melts into a jasminey-mimosa and rounds off with a woody base' if you want to get technical though.. I got a jumper and dress too because my wardrobe definitely could do with some more black (jk).


  1. ahh I am obsessed with this store! when I visited london I wanted to buy it all! x


  2. It looks like such a gorgeous store, there isn't one where I live but it looks like theres some lovely things! x


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