24hrs in London

Thursday, 28 May 2015
This summer I'm a Oxfam volunteer at Glastonbury so made a quick trip home to do a three hour training session in Westminster. I was a campsite steward at Reading last year and I am SO bloody excited to do it again this year but this time at GLASTO (!). 
here are some iPhone pics from my 24hrs..
My friend was down for placement interviews so we went to Notting Hill/Portobello area for lunch at Granger & Co. I had the dreamy ricotta hotcakes with honeycomb butter + bananas and the coffee was really good, which Is kind of rare (or maybe I'm just going to all the wrong places?)
 Portobello and Notting Hill was so lush to walk around in the warm weather, and it even got so hot we had a lil sunbathe in Kensington Gardens 
 I went to Sloane Square to see the shops with their bespoke flower displays in honour of the Chelsea flower show. They were amazing, I don't even think I saw them all, but as a huge flower person I wish this was a permanent thing with all stores across England :-)
  ^ Wild at heart @ Pimlico. Peonies galore
 OK so Nordic Bakery, aka the 'best cinnamon bun in London' was a huge disappointment. The coffee and bun was a bit crap. I had a similar thing from Baltic Bakehouse in Liverpool and literally in comparison, Nordic Bakery was a shambles #importantissues
 my dream jacket 


  1. I miss London, and Saint Laurent make the prettiest black clothes.



  2. Gorgeous pictures! What a great opportunity to go to Glastonbury too - have fun. :)

  3. man these photos make me miss london! so cool you'll be a glasto, so jealous! x


  4. Gorgeous photographs, looks like it was a lovely day! x


  5. Just found your blog and love it - had to give you a follow! We love going into London and hope you enjoyed it...literally obsessing over that jacket right now!
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  6. aww these photos look lovely, nice that you got to be in London for a day! :D


  7. I would love to visit London! The food looks so yummy. :) xx

    Picture Me

  8. I love London so much, this post makes me miss the place to pieces! x

    check out my blog if you like xx


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