Fresh flowers

Tuesday, 21 April 2015
I got some flowers from two friends for my birthday and loved having in my room, literally, until the point they were all mushy and starting to smell a bit like a shit perfume. I got an email from Appleyard London who very kindly sent me their Herb Garden bouquet, a gorgeous harmony of lilac roses, lilies and all the nice lil bits in-between that no-one really knows the name of but makes it look so much more special. 
The order came the next day, perfectly preserved in box so the flowers had room, and the lilies were closed so it was just at the start of its 'flower life' I suppose. If you wanna be a lil cutie boyfriend or girlfriend, or have a family member who would like a bunch, the next day flower service was really efficient. What I liked most was that the website, the arrangment and the flower delivery itself wasn't tacky. Affordable but still really classy, you know?
I have a discount code for you guys too, I always check out who likes my instagrams/who comments etc and I feel like a lot of us have the same taste and appreciate a beautiful bunch of flowers. Use the code BLOG40 for 40% off (only excluding the flowers by post range).


thanks for the comment!

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