University room snapshots

Saturday, 21 February 2015

The majority of my uni halls room is pretty grim so I've just shared three pictures which make it look quite nice. I have two sets of fairy lights too so it gets pretty cute when its dark outside.
Some details.. 
1st pic) I got my cork board from Ikea and the pictures are a selection of disposables/polaroid pictures, which I ordered from the app Printic (use my code 'CFBF16' to get £4 off your own!). The New York poster is from the shop Utility in Liverpool, the hand is from Urban Outfitters and the E mug is a present from a friend from Anthropologie.

2nd pic) The world map is also from Utility.

3rd pic) I got the string of stars from Tiger I think, the blanket is from Matalan ages ago, the duvet covers are from Ikea and the cushion cover is one I got from an indian market in Malaysia.


  1. Love the little star bunting :) I had so much fun decorating my room when I was in halls! x

    Under Blue Lights

  2. Your uni room is so cute! hope you are having fun there xx

  3. lovely room

  4. I've read your blog for ages but completely missed the part where you said you went to uni in Liv! I graduated in 2013, so just give me a shout (twitter: @rebeccacohen) if you ever need a couple more ideas of where to go/complain about how rank Carnatic halls are. xx

  5. Really glad to come across posts like this! I'm going to University in September and am always thinking about what could be done with my room! Yours looks great and homely!

    Ellie -

  6. your room is so pretty! love all the personal details you've put in there :)

  7. loving the duvet cover! IKEA for the win

  8. ahhh lovely room, and i love your blog!! x


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