Five Christmas season outfits and ideas

Sunday, 13 December 2015
My two favourite things for blog posts combined, polyvore and mood boards, hurrah! I thought I would offer a little inspiration for outfits for festive days as I'm not doing a gift guide this year (heres my extensive one from last year) and also I just wanted to do something a bit different. As with all my polyvore posts, take it as purely inspiration as its basically guaranteed that I've used designer items that are old links or ridiculously overpriced.

Secret Santa party with your girlfriends 
Secret Santa is popular within offices and workplaces, but if you're a student like me, it's a easy way to celebrate with your friends without having to double your 'to buy' list. My friends from home and I usually have a little dinner party with baked goods and mulled wine. It's always nice to bring some flowers or something too, like these Blossoming Gifts flowers I received on my insta. The Mistletoe bouquet would be the perfect for a host, use code BGIFTS33 for 33% off

Alternative Christmas Day outfit - no gross jumpers in sight 

A different offering to the usual pjs getup on Christmas day. I love the combination of a silk slip underneath a subtly festive plaid knit, its luxurious and cosy so you can still eat ALL the food and still look #glam. Also, my future house is totally going to look like the pictures above at Christmas time.

 Shopping at the Christmas Markets 

One of my favourite festive things to do is get a hot chocolate and wander the German Christmas markets that are all over here in the UK and Europe. The combination of fairy lights, music, cold air and German sausage/roasted chestnuts/melted chocolate crepes smell (the Kinder Maxi ones at Winter Wonderland are my favourite) is the best.

Ice Skating at Somerset House 

Every year I always over layer and end up skating with 10 things wrapped around my waist to try and cool down. It's nice to go slightly more dressy and festive as this is usually just a once-a-year thing.

Night in by the fire reading

My house at home has a working fire place so I love to catch up with all my reading that isn't Uni related in the warmth of the fire (WHY DOES IT SMELL SO GOOD?). I have so many deadlines right now that I'm looking forward to some relaxation time and what better way then a silk nightdress and cashmere socks/scarves.

There is another one of these coming soon... New Years Eve edition.
 But for now, Merry Christmas everyone!

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Style moodboard

Wednesday, 2 December 2015
only sources i know: Horkruksdeborarosa

As always, lots of cool tones, blazers, coats and masculine shapes. I'm sadly now on a self-imposed shopping ban (bar Christmas presents) until the January sales. But posts like this help me keep in mind exactly the kind of pieces which are missing from my wardrobe so I won't buy all sorts of junk when Boxing Day comes around.

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Photo diary ft Alexa Chung

Wednesday, 25 November 2015
“October extinguished itself in a rush of howling winds and driving rain and November arrived, cold as frozen iron, with hard frosts every morning and icy drafts that bit at exposed hands and faces.” 
- harry potter lol

Miscellaneous pictures from the lovely Autumn we had this year. Winter is now in full blast; I've started buying Christmas presents, wearing fifteen layers at once, making soup a lot and cozying up with my house watching films.
Hope St Hotel
 The Quarter
The Bluecoat
Independent Liverpool guys at Leaf 
 92 Degrees
A photo posted by emmacoull (@emmacoull) on

I've been doing lots of exciting and fun things recently but one highlight is meeting Alexa Chung at a Nails Inc event in the Liverpool Harvey Nichols. I think I've been a big fan of hers since I was 13. I remember really clearly once I was doing french homework on my carpet listening to Radio One, hating life, and I heard as she answered my question with Nick Grimshaw that I had tweeted in. I did a really excited blog post, in fact, I think I have over eight posts dedicated to her. It was amazing to finally meet her, she was really sweet and so beautiful of course.

New accessories

Sunday, 22 November 2015

ZARA circle necklace, H&M pearl earring, H&M Celine style circle hair clip, AND OTHER STORIES leather fold bag, ACNE STUDIOS coin purse 

My purse and bag broke and then my earrings got lost when I was wearing a wig (Halloween). OBVIOUSLY this called for some new things to be picked up. I got the Acne purse from Depop brand new from a lovely Swedish seller and the earring and the hair clip on sale for £1.

 I was down in London on Wednesday night so stopped at the launch party for the new And Other Stories store on the Kings Road. I used to work full time on that road so have many fond memories of walking down there every day, popping to the weekend market or Partidges for lunch and sitting outside the Saatchi. I'm almost glad it's only just opened, as I would of spent way too much of my wages there everyday. I'd been eyeing up the Fold-Over Leather Crossbody bag for a while though online and there was alcohol at the event and suddenly the next thing I knew I was at the till and the purchase had just kind of.... happened. I'm really in love with the quality of the bag though and it's really similar to the beautiful Celine 'All Soft Tote Bag' with the foldover style, so I have zero regrets.

University bedroom tour

Monday, 16 November 2015
I do all of my University work at the library, so ideally wanted my space at home to reflect my interior/fashion passion. I wanted to feel inspired and motivated by whats around me to do my other 'work' (blogging, freelancing, stuff for the future), but I'm not really sure thats really come into action  yet........ My trip to Sweden and as always, my interior tag on Pinterest, inspired me also to create somewhere minimalistic, cosy, full of plants and full of some of my favourite things, aka candles and books. It's a fairly small room with ugly furniture but it all miraculously matches and has plain walls too, woo!
 (CUSHIONS from H&M and IKEA, LAMP from TK Maxx)
 I saved a little and invested in a David Ehrenstr√•hle piece, from his 'My Guide To' series. I loved the London one but chose New York for its special place in my heart ... but will inevitably buy more in the next couple of years, knowing me.
My favourite thing that sits on my dresser is the White Company Peony diffuser which smells so dreamy and everyone seems to compliment it. Already got some more Neom refills to have ready to go when this runs out, I can't believe I didn't really use diffusers until last year. What a middle class nightmare

I'm really happy with my little space and its the nicest thing to chill out in my rabbit dressing gown reading and listening to music somewhere that isn't traditionally 'studenty', especially when the rest of  my Uni house is a tip, albeit a much loved tip.

See my bedroom tour from uni halls here

Cut out

Friday, 6 November 2015
My friends came up last weekend so I showed them some of my favourite spots around Liverpool and grabbed some photos on the way to post-Halloween pancakes at Moose. The cut out on this blouse adds that bit of 'boob window' which makes a change from my ever expanding collection of oversized jumpers/turtlenecks/general ill fitting Amish clothing (joke) ((kind of)). 

In Colour

Monday, 2 November 2015

My palette is extremely neutral but I've been drawn to red lately, would love one or two designer pieces to spice up my wardrobe. I'm so tempted by a 1970 Bella Freud jumper and the red Celine box bag, but I think that's because I adore it and would probably still love it even if it was the colour of sick. Also, I'm conveniently forgetting I'm a student. Saying that, cannot wait to do a 'New in' post soon, I've really got to a point this past year where I've been only buying pieces I truly love and can imagine wearing for a long time.

George William C Photography

Monday, 26 October 2015
My brother has been travelling around the world for the past couple of years and documenting it all via his film camera. What I like so much within these sets from India and Uganda is the warmth and vibrancy of each culture captured without that sense of voyeurism, as if a western tourist is at a zoo. I studied a lot about this last year on my course, the portrayal of 'other' in travel tourism writing. The same ideas can be applied to all mediums of creativity, especially photography, as its such a prevalent medium in our culture today.
These black and white photos from Japan really are reminiscent of Lost In Translation to me, the little bit of intimacy/blurry focus, and of course the Tokyo location. 
What do you guys think?
to see more photos and different series on his website click here
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