Last day in London

Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Just a short post- I'm almost half way through freshers here in Liverpool but I forgot to post these pics from my last day mooching around central London. Life has been so crazy and packed full so it feels weird looking back at this now even though it was just last week. 
jumper: AA, trousers: zara, sunglasses: asos, backpack: asos 

A massive high street AW14 wishlist

Thursday, 11 September 2014
I've made the mother of all wish lists as September is probably the month above all where I spend the most. New season clothes, student discounts everywhere, the weather changing, you name the excuse- I'M BUYIN'!


shop the post:

shop the post:


shop the post: (apart from triangle earrings and semi precious necklace

shop the post:


Wednesday, 3 September 2014
Bag: Vintage, Top: Acne, Coat, Jeans: Topshop
Making the last of the summer so went for Franco Manca then Kaff with two friends. I got back from Reading recently which was SO awesome, we volunteered so got a free ticket and just had so much fun. Now I'm just preparing for uni and thinking what an amazing gap year I've had.. I was thinking of maybe doing an advice post on taking a gap year, touching on work, travel, dealing with friends at uni, indecision etc if anyone would be interested?
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