AW14 Moodboard

Friday, 15 August 2014
AW14 Moodboard... aka a LOT of black clothing and leather. If you're thinking 'umm excuse me its still August', well yes, you'd be correct but if I have to wear a jumper/jeans combo every time I go out with an umbrella permanently fixed to my hand then I'm allowed to make a winter clothing mood board. Majority of these images have just been selected from my tumblr so sorry about the lack of sources.
PS. I had to include Matty because I'm seeing him again next week and I'm so in love with the entire album and him


  1. This is basically me. All. The. Time. People think I should be dressing differently too. But I'm 'hummm, no?'

    Joana x

  2. It's ok ... autumn is just around the corner and I think everyone is thinking the exact same thing! I really love lots of these images xx

  3. I am so excited for A/W already too! I'm making a mental wishlist and I can not wait for the shops to start getting all the pieces in!

  4. I love the picture of the Olsen twins, the plaid peeping out of the sweater looks fab.

  5. weeping over the loss of summer but this moodboard is gorgeous!

  6. Haha I definitely think you are totally legitimised in posting AW14. My day has consisted of rain, homemade soup, blankets, and lots of tea - says it all really! Super excited for lots of layering. Although I've always believed I'm definitely a summer baby, my uniform is all boots and leather jackets and oversized t-shirt. So loving this mood board! x


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