AW14 Moodboard

Friday, 15 August 2014
AW14 Moodboard... aka a LOT of black clothing and leather. If you're thinking 'umm excuse me its still August', well yes, you'd be correct but if I have to wear a jumper/jeans combo every time I go out with an umbrella permanently fixed to my hand then I'm allowed to make a winter clothing mood board. Majority of these images have just been selected from my tumblr so sorry about the lack of sources.
PS. I had to include Matty because I'm seeing him again next week and I'm so in love with the entire album and him

Summer disposables

Friday, 1 August 2014
I haven't blogged in a month- whats new. Honestly kudos to full time bloggers. I have 0 motivation to blog or share anything on the internet so I can't even imagine having to do it like seven times a week! Anyway, when summer rolls around I always have a disposable in my pocket and thought I'd share some of my (and my friends) snaps.
The Shard. Would make a pretty sweet apartment view.  
During one of the most intense thunderstorms I've ever seen in Times Square, NYC.
BellĂ­simo Venice. 

The next pictures are from my time in Lisbon/Cascais in Portugal. Me and my gal pals went to Optimus Alive which was so awesome. Highlights music wise include Arctic Monkeys, the 1975, Imagine Dragons and Foster The People... also camping was so fun (and I HATE camping) but I honestly had the best time and I would 100% recommend the festival. We rented a apartment via AirBNB for a week after and had lots more lols. I wish I could go back.
I hope everyone is having a fun summer :-)
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