nude/pink mood board and wish list

Saturday, 24 May 2014
Hawaiian print top, Camel/nude v neck tee, Topshop bond trench coat, Topshop suit, Nude fisherman jumper, Pink flats, Two tone brogues 

All other pics I just got from tumblr apart from the top right which is from Mika @ Pastel Apparel. I am literally OBSESSED with her style and blog, go check her out because she is just so on point and I want her face/figure/wardrobe/room stat.

As you have probably gathered I've been loving this nude/fleshy pinky tone that verges camel recently. I love that Zara carries a whole line of basics in this tone, will for sure pick up a few bits.

venice photo diary

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

I recently had a 5 day carb fest in the gorgeous city of Venice in Italy. The entire place is ridiculously photogenic, I have major regrets not bringing my SLR as I feel like my iPhone doesn't do any of this justice. Along with the brilliantly warm weather and amazing food (notably a mushroom ravioli in truffle oil and chocolate mint gelato), Venice has stunning architecture and a cosy feel (no vehicles or bikes anywhere). Walk out of the touristy areas near the Rialto bridge and St Marcos square and make a point to explore the surrounding districts as you'll fall in love with the quieter, authentic Venice. 

outfit and afternoon in soho

Monday, 12 May 2014
A random collection of pics from my afternoon today in Soho doing a bit of shopping. What I wore..

coat; river island, top; primark, checked skirt; topshop, sunglasses; ASOS, loafers; zara, bag; monki
I saw Miley Cyrus at the O2 last tuesday (you can hate or love her, but I'm still firmly planted in the latter) and she was so fun and down to earth and chill and had amazing vocals. Regret not buying this LOVE issue now (from &Other stories)

Obsessed with Topshop boutique always and had a special spot for this mermaid vibe midi. Would never A) have the guts to wear it B) have an occasion but it sure would be nice to parade around in once a while.

These Anthro earrings makes me wish Delilah Dust did earrings. So lovely. 

I have been hunting down this Topshop floral longline kimono for two weeks, thanks to it being sold out online and never being in any stores I looked in. Well hurrah, thanks to the flagship, it is mine. Totally doesn't match my outfit here but I had to share :-)
Random nice looking house in Soho. Around the corner from here we had dinner in a teeny cosy little Lebanese/Middle Eastern restaurant named Yalla Yalla. The food was so delicious and the vibe was super chill too. Recommended!

Floral & leather outfit

Sunday, 11 May 2014

cropped biker jacket; oh my love, floral cami; topshop sale, two tone jeans; topshop sale, awesome sandals; primark, bag; gift (but from H&M), new fav sunglasses; ASOS *similar*

Firstly I would like to apologise for my chipped nail polish. I was wearing it for so long while travelling and I'm not sure why I didn't take it off as I had to buy some remover after a incident where I may or may not have split half the bottle all over our balcony including the walls and a table. You'll be pleased to know this (quite frankly gross) colour has been replaced now. *moves on from toenails*

I read some lame article on 'how to make your blog better' because I feel like everyone has gone turbo professional and I'm still on that bandwagon of diy HTML, iPhone outfit pics and not doing exciting things all the time. One of the tips was not to have obscure lyrics as the title of your posts (crap) so now I have the urge to retitle the majority of my posts. I think I'll make an effort not to anymore but I can't resist too much..

The Gap Year post - backpacking in South East Asia

Friday, 9 May 2014
From the 10th of February to the 28th of April, I was travelling South East Asia having the sickest adventure ever. For the past week in England I have been more or less bumming around wishing I was back in the incredible places I visited. I wish I was a thousand times more eloquent or could adequately do the trip justice in this post.. every time I read my travel diary I literally crack up so much at all the little things that make up the trip and couldn't of asked for better company too on my travels with one of my best friends, Vicky (hola, i know you're probably the first to read this!). Before I left, I was half inclined to do a sort of 'travel blog' but that was soon out of the window when I realised I barely keep up with this one when I'm in the country. So, here is a sum up, whirlwind sort of post outlining my time across the world.

The first month

Places visited: Bangkok - Thailand, Siem Reap - Cambodia, Phnom Penh - Cambodia, Sihanoukville - Cambodia, Ho Chi Minh City - Vietnam, Nha Trang - Vietnam, Hue - Vietnam, Ha Long Bay - Vietnam, Hanoi - Vietnam
Some highlights: visiting a school in Siem Reap, Angkor Wat, hilarious quad biking, Killing Fields, generally cracking up at our tour leader and watching him do laughing gas in Sihanoukville, homestay in the middle of nowhere with an open roof, cycling tour of Hoi an, riding a water buffalo (literally so random), eating pineapple all the time, fortune telling, kayaking through Ha Long Bay, Gecko, seeing all the gorgeous greenery of Vietnam on the long bus journeys, all the lols of the tour group

Lowlights: this one noodle chicken soup which was absolutely disgusting, said noodle soup making me ill and having gastro-enteritis on a sleeper train, bloody long walk home in the pouring rain after an illegal rave by a rice paddy to an equally as damp room, breaking two pairs of shoes 
The second month
Places visited: Vientiane - Laos, Vang Vieng - Laos, Luang Prabang - Laos, Chiang Mai - Thailand, Bangkok - Thailand, Koh Samui - Thailand, Koh Phangan - Thailand, Koh Tao - Thailand, Koh Phi Phi - Thailand, Phuket - Thailand
Some highlights: learning about the bombing in Laos, leaping off trees in the Blue Lagoon, amazing day tubing and chilling in the riverside bars, awesome market in Luang Prabang, Lydias stand up comedy one night out, Kuang Sii waterfalls, elephant riding/feeding/washing, two day boat trip down the Mekong river, home stay in tiny village with loads of animals (the CUTEST baby pigs were running around) and the lols of having 0 power and sleeping on the floor, Laos in general being a massive highlight, playing with baby tigers, ladyboy show, dance/fashion show on the sleeper train with the train assistant, full moon party, Thailands gorgeous beaches, jokes snorkelling boat trip with eddie 'murphy', Maya beach where The Beach was filmed, irish bar in Koh Phi Phi, holding a baby lemur
Lowlights: lizard attack, bear feet in jars at a roadside ditch, sleeping on a pile of lifejackets at 5am on a freezing boat, pingpong show (vom), psycho taxi driver chasing us underground, saying goodbye to Thailand

The third month

Places visited: Jakarta - Indonesia, Bali - Indonesia, Gili Trawangan - Indonesia, Lombok - Indonesia, Singapore, Cebu - Philippines, Boracay- Philippines, Manila - Philippines, Puerto Galera - Philippines, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
Some highlights: hilarious immigration and taxi experience in Jakarta, watching all the surfers in Bali  and the weirdest night out ever (shoutout to Nigel), literally amazing food on Gili T, cycling around the tiny island stopping only to swim in the bluest sea ever, my birthday, the stars at night in Gili T were the most intense I've ever seen in my life it looked like it was photoshopped, snorkelling with turtles, Indonesia's amazingly friendly people, the sickest ride EVER (transformers one) at Universal Studios Singapore, gorgeous beach in Boracay, parasailing and zip lining, jet skiing and beach lols at White Beach, just the whole of the Philippines really LOVE THAT PLACE, funny taxi rides all the time

Lowlights: vickys iPhone breaking, bizarre gross indian food in jungle themed restaurant, allergic reaction/illness in manila but vicky getting us dominos (yay), watching Divergent in KL but all the good parts were cut out, last trip to 7/11, GOING HOME

Its difficult to adequately sum up my trip in one post especially because I don't want to get too personal or anything- if you are planning a gap year (DO) or taking a trip in some of these places and want more info or advice or anything feel free to email me at I literally had the most wonderful, fun and cool three months and I cannot wait to get back to certain places already. I've never felt more myself or happy while travelling and know that now I'll be saving up again for another backpacking adventure as soon as possible!
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