Bedroom tour

Tuesday, 29 October 2013
 Over the past couple of months I've been redecorating my room and thought I'd share a couple of pictures. Everything is basically white/cream and only my decor has any colour (but I like it that way). My duvet and pillow is from Cath Kidston and my blanket from Matalan*.

 The main difference is getting rid of my dresser that has featured quite a lot on my blog over the years. I got a new mirror, desk and shelf from Ikea. Finally I can do my makeup without having the sit on the floor by my radiator, with all my products randomly dumped around me! haha. This lovely little stool* was sent to me by Out There Interiors  from their French Bedroom series. The whole website has gorgeous pieces, the kind that you won't find in Ikea.
I keep my skincare and contact lenses stuff by my floor length mirror on a pile of magazines. I should probably throw them out but I can't bare to chuck away stuff I spent money on. I bought magazines much more when I was younger because I didn't have as easy access to blogs like I do now. I didn't have much money so normally would tag along to Sainsburys with my mum and slyly sneak a Vogue under a pile of food in the trolley. The glossy pages of Elle etc were definitely like a whole new world so to speak (cringe) as the extent of my fashion knowledge was the teen section at Tammys in BHS. I like to think some of the magazines I have in that pile helped create my blog and kind of start my love for good style. 
This pin board is badly painted white and collaged with a bunch of pictures I printed off. Its like having a piece of tumblr on my wall. You know whats a pain in the ass though? When these pins fall out and I step on them in the middle of the night in the pitch black. Yep. SUCKS. Next on my wishlist is another one of these boards and a massive map which I can shove on it so I can pin point places I've been/want to travel to. 

I love the little different bowls and candles I have on my dresser. I have a couple of Diptyque bits and a &OtherStories fig hand lotion that smells divine. A couple of my makeup bits are stored here along with my brushes and lipsticks. The lipstick storage is from eBay and was super cheap, I'm talking £3 cheap! Link is here

A couple of my favourite bags hang on my Zara Home doorknobs.
I also keep a handful of my books and photo frames on this Ikea book case. I think I want to do what everyone who has a blog has done and print my instagram pictures and stick them up on the walls. Why is this ridiculously overpriced on so many websites though? Not impressed.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed a look at my haven :)

Four polyvore looks

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

So over the course of the summer I completely neglected my polyvore. If you've been following for a long time, my first ever post (deleted now sadly) was a polyvore post and so were the next few. That website now kind of has a cosy little spot in my heart as I feel like it inspired the birth of my blog. The next couple of weeks for me will be spent in work uniform (I got a job!) so I'm going to live vicariously through these kind of posts.

Avenue 32 wishlist

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Avenue 32 wishlist

3.1 Phillip Lim Blue Leopard Mini Pashli Satchel, Sumo Green Plaid blazer, BLK DNM Black Leather JacketSilver to Air Silver Flatbush Creepers, Illesteva Tortoise Leonard II Sunglasses, J.W Anderson Orange Wool Jumper, J.W Anderson Black Leather Mini Skirt, Surface to Air Tri Tone Blue Moon Jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim Black Leather Alexa Boots
Avenue 32 is one of my go to websites when doing a bit of online 'window shopping'. While my current budget doesn't stretch for a shopping spree, I like checking out the new items from emerging and established designers. They have recently launched a campaign in tube stations dotted around London (which you can see yourself below), showing all the designers they stock. I put together a little wishlist, and I have a particular fondness for the Phillip Lim Blue Leopard Mini Satchel. That man knows how to to bags well. And as always, lots of leather and textures included. Oh, and of course a Illesteva pair of sunglasses for sunny winter days (my favourite kind). Does anything here take your fancy?
This post is in collaboration with Avenue 32
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