Sales haul

Sunday, 30 June 2013
 Recent purchases.
My blue blouse is from Zara and genuinely my favourite colour in the entire world. The necklace I paired it with is from the Topshop sale, I think I ended up getting it for £6.50 or something similar. You can actually undo the clasp and all the rings come off, two products in one I guess! The American Apparel crop top dupe is from Brandy Melville, I only went into the store for the first time last week weirdly. I was kind of underwhelmed by the whole 'one size fits all' because I'm not a size six/eight (what they seem to go by) so felt the entire store was only directed towards a small demographic. The crop top actually fitted perfectly so I was happy with that though. Last but certainly not least, my favourite purchase- the MinkPink floral dress. If you saw my instagram you know i went into Urban Outfitters to buy this full price (£85) , but it was actually on sale for £45! Then I casually ran to the till in a wee bit of excitement.

Mallorca photo diary

Wednesday, 26 June 2013
Last week I was in Mallorca for a little while and took some pictures. Thought I'd post them even if they are a bit random, enjoy!
We stayed in Camp De Mar, a little corner that was really beautiful but had not much to do there. One day we took a cab to Palma, then caught the little wooden train thing (so eloquent) from Palma to Soller. It was so picturesque just rolling through the mountains. I even saw like 20+ baby mountain goats, they were so cute! I'm also pretty sure i've never seen so many oranges and lemons in my life. Soller apparently has the best oranges in the world so I guess that explains the abundance that surrounded us. We also spent the day in Puerto de Soller and the evening in Palma, which was lovely. Even though I've been to Mallorca quite a lot before, its just a really beautiful island that I would reccomend for anyone! I'm actually away again to Zante with my best friends (!!!) on Monday so I've already built up a nice lil tan. Cannot wait. 


Friday, 7 June 2013

TFNC Midi Dress 
I wore this simple TFNC midi dress to my leavers Prom last month. I have loved these past two years at sixth form. Since I finished all my A-level exams on Thursday, I have officially left education! It's such a bizarre feeling. I was looking at my old posts yesterday and I was saying how good my first day of sixth form was and how I love all the teachers/people, it make me so sad. I don't want to leave! Anyone other 18 year olds feeling this way?
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