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Wednesday, 1 May 2013
For my birthday I was luckily gifted a macbook by my parents. It was quite perfect timing actually, since then I've had a massie slog (is that a word?) of work that will continue until June 6th when my exams are finished. Boring stuff over, and to sum up my monotonous life right now, I spend a lot of time on my bed surrounding by books on my laptop, regardless of the time (I'm a night/extremely early morning worker unfortunately). BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS NOW!
Thanks to caseapp, I have the most beautiful laptop skin going. If you remember my iPhone case was also made with the same pattern, perhaps I'm just a lil' obsessed with it. I've got so many compliments already and I love that I'm the only one with it hehe. Isn't something always ten times more appealing when you know no-one else has it? The only material its comparable to is probably a magnet, it doesn't leave a residue or anything, but stays on perfectly. I would 100% recommend one!
Of course, all laptops need a proper case and I eagerly welcomed this one from caseable. Again, I chose my own pattern. Imagine if all shops had this ethos aka major design options for the buyer, perfect for people like me who are ridiculously fussy. I wanted to stick with the pattern theme just because who doesn't like a good eye sore, and chose a random one off google that I'm probably not allowed to do but too late. 
I probably should start a tag with the amount of iPhone cases and laptop stuff I now post about. But what can I say, I like my technology colourful.


  1. The laptop skin is beautiful! I'm just like you, everything I have has to look 'pretty' in some way haha! I bought some notebooks the other day for my University work that were boring and black, therefore I designed them with Laura Ashley wallpaper...

    I love your blog so much.

    Laura xx

  2. Lucky you! The case is actually too pretty!

  3. This is so pretty! I'm definitely going to have to try making one myself, knowing that it's totally unique is even better!

  4. That pattern is gorgeous! So is the laptop case :)

  5. I recently got a Mac Air for my birthday and I NEED this case in my life. I love the idea of a skin too, not sure if yours does too but my mac gets so many make-up smudges on and looks filthy by the end of the day.

    Is it easy to apply?


    1. yes literally took me like two seconds!

      only had my laptop without a skin for like a week so i cant say, but knowing me it would of been covered in food and makeup in no time haha


  6. Gorgeous cases! Love them :) x

  7. Ahh thats so nice and unique :) x

  8. I absolutely love the skin-the colors, the pattern, everything!

  9. I absolutely love the skin-the colors, the patterns, everything!

  10. The prints are incredible love how they look together x

  11. I love that print x I'm holding a giveaway if your interested x

  12. Oh I love your macbook, it's looks so nice! Wish I had one myself :)


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