new york city; part one

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

So I have to live in NYC when I'm older, not much else to it. Its currently on par with London right now (which is a huge statement). Its a pretty wonderful city. Part two & three coming soon.
1. pretty buildings 2. central park in the sun 3.more buildings again 4. more park again 5. long avenues/cupcakes from Magnolia 6. may of made a big purchase.. 7. skyline across the lake 


  1. Wicked photos, New York is such an amazing city I would love to visit there again....with lots of money to spent!!!!

    Much Love
    Liss <3

  2. Im going in december, SO EXCITED
    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

    p.s I started a youtube channel, check it out HERE

  3. I know what you mean. I NEED to move to NYC, it's amazing! I went for 4 days in september which was nowhere near enough time to see and do everything! Iy's such a gorgeous city, so unique x

  4. Looks like the most amazing place in the world. Very jealous <3

  5. I love NYC so much. I visited there for a week for Christmas one year. It's cold and frosty, but beautiful at that time of year.

  6. So jealous! I'd really love to go to New York xx

  7. These are really beautiful pictures!!


  8. Such stunning photos, I'd quite honestly sell my soul to live in NYC. It's such an amazing place xoxo

  9. Oh gosh I'm going again in two weeks, I cannot wait!!! these pictures are really beautiful x


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