new york city; part three

Saturday, 24 November 2012
Final part of my mini NY posts. HAUL TIME! I didn't buy much but I had some dollars and only picked up some things I can either not get over here or its cheaper to buy it over there. These were my favourite purchases..
1. American Apparel easy jeans 2. thrifted belt 3. bought some mini's that came in a sephora set.. nars laguna/stila colour in peony/laura mercier golden mosaic are my favourites 4. LOVE the mini perfume rollerballs 5. thrifted jacket (was like $16, so cheap) 6. candy and a lil touristy something

new york city; part two

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

part two of NYC. Particular highlights were definitely the whole of Greenwich village, Bleeker street, the food in Little Italy, tall beautiful buildings, the zoo and the SEALS (!!), Strawberry Fields, when the sun set over the lake in Central Park, being able to always get a cab, Beacons Closet in Brooklyn, all of the touristy stuff and the fact most places have milkshakes. It was also pretty sweet to feel like you're constantly on the set of Sex & the City/Gossip Girl. Drove past the Empire hotel and may of had a slight butterfly overload of the thought of Chuck walking out or something.

new york city; part one

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

So I have to live in NYC when I'm older, not much else to it. Its currently on par with London right now (which is a huge statement). Its a pretty wonderful city. Part two & three coming soon.
1. pretty buildings 2. central park in the sun 3.more buildings again 4. more park again 5. long avenues/cupcakes from Magnolia 6. may of made a big purchase.. 7. skyline across the lake 

UO film lookbook

Tuesday, 6 November 2012
 images: Urban Outfitters November Catalogue
I really like these UO campaign photos. Think the best kind of vibe for a young brand is with non-serious models in random locations. I also love the use of film- why isn't this a more usual occurrence?! Currently loading up my hand luggage with three rolls of film and my Canon A-1, as I leave for New York tomorrow morning. Get ready for me Big Apple YEH

Olive Clothing

Monday, 5 November 2012
All items from Olive Clothing
The new found love that is Olive Clothing. I saw Olivia wearing a gorgeous khaki jumper and then proceeded to stalk the website for a good half an hour or so.. they have a blog too! Love the simple styling and pieces. Pretty sure I need one of those 60s style dresses in my life..
PS. check out some of my shiz on ebay 

Coat wishlist

Sunday, 4 November 2012

The cold has officially kicked in like a slap in the face in London, but I guess I have to be some what grateful I don't live somewhere insanely cold. In Verkhoyansk, Russia, their average winter temperature is -50 degrees and they can't even get phone service because of the severe cold. Its even nicknamed 'Stalin's Death Ring' and last year 400 wolves attacked the town... so I guess a 10 degree city with no wolves I can deal with.
I love so many coats this year, especially from Topshop, they do winter collections pretty much spot on, in contrast to their dodgy summer ones filled with hot pants. I'm also really liking tartan scarfs, but I feel there is a fine line between it looking nice and then it looking like you just visited a Scottish tourist shop.
(Oh, I also went to the countryside the other week with my pals. Look how nice England can be in grey skies.)

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