Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Ying yang necklace* & karma ring*; Delilah Dust, Gold bands; Asos, Other necklace; topshop, rest of the rings; vintage, Cardigan; vintage, Hoodie; Primark, top; Zara, Jeans*; Gap

Throwing on a pile of hoodies and cardigans over each other is my thing when the temperatures dip lower, which usually results in looking like a walking jumble sale, but alas warmth is always more appealing. Thanks for everyone who made New York suggestions in the last post! 


  1. What a jewellery collection! xo

  2. I do exactly the same! and I love your jewellry layering,

    Chloe xo

  3. I love your layering & the jewellery is so cool.

  4. Love love love this layered look, very cool - I always opt for warmth over looking neat and tidy as well! Hope the NY trip goes ahead (as long as it's safe!) as it sounds amazing! xxx


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