Cavaan film shoot

Sunday, 22 July 2012

all images credited to cavaan
One of my new favourite blogs, cavaan. Love all of her photography, particularly these shots though, everyone should skoot over to her website and check it out. What are your guys favourite blogs? Leave links!


  1. Just dropped by her blog. One word: amazing.

  2. These are lovely. My favourite blog is, probably because I love vintage and crafty stuff.

  3. love that curtain pic!


  4. lovely photo's! I will check out her blog!

    xoxo, Laura

  5. I really like the pics! I just found your blog and it's great! would you like to follow us each other? I can also follow you on twitter and bloglovin.

  6. I've just been on her blog and all i can say is WOW, love all of it.
    My favourite blog is probably
    Love Chloe x x x

  7. I love her blog it's full to the brim of beautiful pictures. My fave blog at the mo is she has amazing style and the pictures are also great, I actually came from her blog (your on her fave blogs/inspiration list)
    Cocabella xoxoxox

  8. Love those shots, very bohemian!


  9. loving those photos- i better check her out! thanks for sharing, you do have good eyes for talents xo

    The Young Bridget Jones

  10. These photos are beautiful. So nostalgic.
    Great picks :)

    The Lovelorn

  11. These are some absolutely stunning pictures!
    Thanks so much for sharing them and for introducing me to Cavaan.

    I just stumbled across your blog the other day and I really like it!
    You post all this awesome fashion inspiration for me and you have all around awesome taste.
    I like it. I like it a lot.

    As for my favorite blogs....
    To provide a full answer would be impossible.
    i could go on and on for days about blogs that I absolutely adore.
    One of my most often read blogs definitely has to be
    I also really like, and,, and SOOOO MUCH MORE!
    If you're ever interested in finding new blogs to read, you should check out the links I have on my blog. Lots of good reading there!
    Oh and of course, one of my favorite blogs has to be my very own. Heehee :)

    Have a nice day and a great weekend!


  12. oh these are amazing! so inspirational.


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