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Wednesday, 25 July 2012
 Probs the most over talked thing ever in England but the weather in London right now is actually insane, its past 30 degrees but then last week I was in a coat.. strange. Finally can whack out my sunglasses by Hugo Boss*, sent from Tk Maxx, you can see the whole range here. Super cheap considering the retail price?! Gotta love that. Spent the day yesterday lying by a pool (Lidos FTW) and then most of the night wide awake because of the temperature. Still no complaints from me though, hope it stays this way..


  1. The weather has been insane everywhere...Quite ridiculous actually. Last week it was 40ºC in Lisbon and it was raining in the northern countries of Europe. So weird.

  2. loving your sunnies!

  3. Your sunnies are lovely, the weather is really bizarre at the moment it's boiling,
    love chloe x x x

  4. TK Maxx always surprise me!
    Personally taking full advantage of the sun too, hope it lasts over the Olympics!


  5. you look great! The weather in holland is amazing too! Love it x

  6. I'm more of an Aviator fan but these sunnies are gorgeous! xx

  7. Your hair looks gorgeous, lovely sunnies too - they really suit you :-)

  8. The weather really has been amazing at the moment, i'm really hoping it stays like this too :)
    I have MAJOR hair envy :) you looks so pretty in these pictures.

    Jo. x


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