ASOS collaboration: summer capsule wardrobe

Thursday, 17 May 2012
'More Looks, Less Luggage' - ultimate carry on capsule 
The approach of summer gets me wishing of chilling on a beach *hopefully* with my friends. A couple of years back I went to Denmark with them and we took our stuff for 10 days in carry on bags (which was difficult to close) but so much cheaper. I created a little 'what would I take' feature. The things you could just mix up but not be overloaded with if you need to travel light. 
Click HERE to check out really amazing summer stuff. May of have just ordered some items.. post coming soon ;)


  1. I love the collection of items you have here, it makes me excited for summer!

    Natasha x

  2. this would make for one amazing outfit, great finds x

  3. I love the loose vest, bralet & amazing sunglasses! XO.

  4. I love the channel nail polish, so original.

  5. had my eye on the bralet for ages, think i might just need to buy it now...

  6. I need it all. now, please? hahha xxx

  7. Love that ring! I've been hunting round ebay for a reasonably priced kimono for ages, this one is beautiful! xo

  8. Ah I love everything! That ring is too cute!

    xoxo, Laura

  9. This is beyond fab- need that denim skirt. Hope you visit back :-)
    Izzy xo

  10. loving the sunnies!!


  11. absolutely adore all of these! especially that backpack! too perfect!!
    xo TJ

  12. Oh wow, lucky! How was Denmark? I've heard such wonderful things about it.

    Hopefully you get to go somewhere cool (and by that I mean hot) this summer. I think these are such fantastic clothing choices. Lately I've been totally obsessed with silky shirts, and the simple elegance of the one you've chosen could literally go with anything. Pair it with something feminine for an all-over girly look, but it would work equally well with something sleek and badass like leather pants.

    And that ring! Fantastic find!

    Such inspiring selections - I may have to go check out that silky cami now.


  13. any chance you could tell us where these ammmazing itenms are from?
    especially *prepares for long list*
    The: Kimono
    White Vest
    and the Ring

    thank you so much xxx

  14. hiya!!
    woweee, is there anychance you could tell us where a couple of these beuuutiful items are from?
    Especially *prepares for long list*
    The ring
    The kimono
    and the white vest

    Thank you so much xxx


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