Outfit, flowers and leather

Friday, 23 March 2012
Thinking ahead for the weekend.. can I please just have that Acne denim shirt? Oh, and an apartment which I can fill with flowers as my room has the crappiest source of light ever.
Got this second hand leather jacket and also a blouse from Zara. Both of which I'm still deliberating whether to keep, so they're both just chilling on a hanger where they look all pretty. The jacket isnt a perfect fit and the blouse was kind of expensive. And thats one of my all-time favourite nail varnishs (OPI's passion, perfect nude)
When I'm walking to school and I'm half dead and half running because I'm always late (the two hour detention for that was so great) but I can always smell the blossom! Does it even have a smell? I don't know but when I'm running past it I'm just overwhelmed by how much I love spring. So beautiful (by the way, I'm aware this picture isn't blossom.. but still.. pretty right?)

Julie Lansom film pictures

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

'I take photos because I have a shitty memory'
All photos by Julie Lansom
Want to go out with my canon a-1, now. Apart from photos on this blog, I've never been fully in love with digital, its too cold-hearted.. you know? Theres something so much more personal when you choose to go old-skool. I find people become so much more relaxed to have a picture taken of themselves when its film, perhaps they think It'll never end up somewhere. Even though its pretty much the same process, knowing the light will be captured and reflected onto a little strip then processed weeks, months, years later or whatever seems much more special.

blog sale - MAC, OPI, Topshop, Benefit, Acne

Sunday, 4 March 2012
Just a quick blog sale of some makeup. If you would like anything please comment below stating what item/s. Uk postage 50p, international £2. First come first serve basis (I have comment approval system set up so it might not come up straight away) and leave your email address and I will request the money from you via paypal (should come up as jellybabies11@hotmail.co.uk). Payment should be made in 24 hours and will be sent either monday or tuesday. Thanks! :-)

MAC pro-pan eyeshadow in 'Naked Lunch' (w/ sticker & magnet on back) - £7
MAC pro-pan eyeshadow in 'Mystery' (w/sticker & magnet on back) - £7 SOLD
Topshop cream eyeshadow in 'Darkness' (used twice) - £3.50
Benefit Playstick foundation in 'Tea party' (a light beige, slightly stratched casing but i would say 65%+ left) - £6.50
OPI Top Coat 15ml (never used) - £6
MAC 129 powder/blush Brush (label slightly stratched off as all mac brushes do grr, was £26) - £13 SOLD

Thats all! :-)
OH AND I'M ALSO SAYING A TEARFUL GOODBYE TO MY Acne Atacomas. :(I have listed these on ebay and If anyone wants to love them as much as I did please take a look here. UK6 and literally sold out everywhere, get them now or never!

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