Saturday, 12 November 2011

This is a little different to what I normally post, but I recently got sent some all organic (yay) products from Garden Apothecary and honestly they smell so good and uhhh it feels really nice putting the products on your face. I got the the rose refresher, the aphrodisiac refresher and rose & salt bath tea and the botanical bath powders and they're actually really well priced (definitely perfect for christmas). But anyway, I was casually in Hobbycraft getting photography stuff and bought a soap making kit thing aka just the weird olive oil soap blocks, violet perfume and a little bag of dried flowers.

They are so ugly, I love them. You basically melt the olive wierd block soap stuff (I'm sure they have a proper name but I'm too lazy to go find out) and add your perfume and dried flowers. I added some of the bath powders from Garden Apothecary too and it smelt really good. Then pour into moulds and let it set in the freezer and BAM cheap cute homemade soaps. Again, really good christmas presents. I hope my friends (who I bet are reading this) expect soap because that's all they're getting ;) I'm obvs the coolest sixteen year old around making soap lulz


  1. that looks like a really cool idea! and i don't find those soaps that ugly actually, sure they look different but they're pretty cute actually :) and i liked the packaging (mud face mask) :)

  2. Love the handmade soap! Definitely an awesome idea for Christmas.

    x Michelle |

  3. I've done this before I got a kit but it didn't have dried flowers in but I'm definitely going to try this I love them! Making soap is so much fun and easy- great for Christmas presents!

  4. i think they look awesome... funky hand-made soaps are the best! thanks for the mention and i'm glad you like the products... they are my babies!

    xo Jenn

  5. love this diy! defo gonna try this once
    btw i like how they are 'ugly' haha

  6. Oh this is a pretty good idea!

  7. Yes we are reading this! Looking forward to my soap bbz xxx


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