Tim Walker - Rendez-Vous

Saturday, 15 October 2011

VOGUE ITALIA August 2001 'RENDEZ-VOUS' Tim Walker
The perfect editorial to describe London right now. I've been wearing my duffle but I'm kinda falling in love with this Boyfriend Coat from Topshop but I have absolutely no money spare at the moment its almost laughable. Got some really good weekends coming up though, how exciting... :) Have a nice week guiz


  1. That boyfriend coat is gorgeous! I have a similar shaped one from last year though and I really ought to be buying a PROPER warm winter coat... Hmm.

  2. Lovely, serious coat love.

  3. Love that photo of the girl and the Sailor. My boyfriend is a Sailor so holds lovely thoughts for me :) That blazer is gorrrgeous. I have to save save save for Topshop though xxx

  4. those pics are awesome. I just discovered my school library has vogues from forever bound...I know where I'm spending my break...



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