Sunday, 26 June 2011

wardrobe, outfit, moon, vintage libertys bag
been lazing in the sun all day, in and out of vickys hot tub. i forgot to mention, my exams finished last wednesday so i am officially DONE with gsces and compulsory education and definitely looking forward to the 8 weeks-ish of freedom i have now, including IBIZA where i go this friday night, yay! i also bought arctic monkey tickets last week, yes! and tomorrow i'm going to tonbrigde, outdoor pool, DOUBLE YES. oh, and i also was 2nd on bloglovin's list of up and coming for a day (which was exciting, for me anyway). so basically, im pretty content with life right now (although it would be pretty awesome to be at glastonbury). have a great week everyone <3


  1. oo that crochet white vest top, its so pretty!

  2. Excellent post and great bag
    I want to get one before but its sold out

    visit me dear

  3. i'd kill to be at glastonbury too. currently refusing to watch any coverage of it... have fun in ibiza! ugh, i need a proper holiday. xxx

  4. sounds like your having a great time at the moment so jealous your going to ibiza!!! thats amazing. Love the bag too xx

  5. Where are the shorts from?
    Love this outfit

  6. love the topshop paper bag ;D

  7. that liberties bag is just adorable!! i am in love.

    Meena xxx

  8. love the crochet top and hope you have a good time on holiday! x

  9. I love it all... especially the bag :)
    fly on

  10. great photos, I really like your blog :) I am your new follower :)

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  11. Your summer sounds like it's going to be AMAZING. Very jealous!!

    Also, I've just featured you in a post about my favourite outfit bloggers. Would be lovely if you could have a look :)


  12. Cute outfit :) I love that photo of the moon!


thanks for the comment!

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