Alexa Chung #7

Friday, 20 May 2011

things making me happy recently: booking the villa and flights for all of my five best friends to go with me to ibiza in july, alexa on vogue, strawberries in every supermarket because they are finally in season, getting the iphone4 for my birthday last week, wholemeal bagels, suck it and see being leaked, i never ever have to do french again, the fact that summer is so close

not so happy: gsce exams, having to drive out really far to find a store that sells wholemeal bagels, leaving my school and saying goodbye


  1. Exams suck, always. Good luck chicky.

    Grace x
    secretly styled.

  2. I know exactly how you feel about GCSEs and leaving :(
    I am so excited for Suck it and see to be out, the album cover is quite a bit of genius too.
    Good luck with exams.

  3. Oh goodness, I absolutely need that magazine!


  4. I wish I remembered half the French I knew when I was at school, it just left my head the minute I left school. Si triste...
    Love your blog!

  5. Alexa is such a fashion inspiration, love love love her!

  6. Apparently she's upset a few people with a comment about bloggers, what a naughty girl! Need to buy this issue and judge accordingly, haha :) really like your bedding!


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