Chanel le Vernis

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

long time no see peeps! lifes been wierd recently. i'll post better soonish but for the moment my new nail varnish is making me a little bit happy, its the cutest pink.

Dip Dye DIY

Saturday, 21 May 2011

(sources: tumblr)i love the whole dip dye thing, and i also love it on clothes. i'm not a big fan of all the hippy circle colours, but i love the pastel streaks on clothes. anyway, i recently cut up an old white t-shirt i found to make a crop top, bought a cable knit jumper and also cut off some jeans to make shorts. i then bought lavender, light pink and light blue dye. this DIY is a bit of a fail, but i'd thought i'd post it anyway :)

1. choose what you want to dye, clean and leave them a little damp

2. follow instructions on the back on the dye packets (basically just add water and salt and mix)

3. leave the clothes in the dye for however long you want, mixing it regularly. i did it by dipping the end of the t-shirt in the pink, then holding the middle it in lavender, then the top blue, and leaving the collar slightly white to get the faded effect.

4. for the jumper i just threw it in. i dont think this especially worked as i left it to dry in the sun, and all the colour faded out.. so its actually its original colour again with a pinky tinge haha.

5. the light colours didn't work on the denim either unfortunately so i bleached them. i reckon white/light denim would look so good with the pastel dyes though!

6. rinse all in cold water then dry
i like the results though!

Alexa Chung #7

Friday, 20 May 2011

things making me happy recently: booking the villa and flights for all of my five best friends to go with me to ibiza in july, alexa on vogue, strawberries in every supermarket because they are finally in season, getting the iphone4 for my birthday last week, wholemeal bagels, suck it and see being leaked, i never ever have to do french again, the fact that summer is so close

not so happy: gsce exams, having to drive out really far to find a store that sells wholemeal bagels, leaving my school and saying goodbye

Kate moss x Topshop floral dress

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

(dress; kate moss for topshop, cardigan; charity shop, satchel; vintage, ring; ysl)

i finally got this dress! had to get it second hand though, because it has literally sold out everywhere, not that i mind. i should be revising right now but i just came back from charity shopping and cant muster up the effort, so i might just go and sit and watch a film. have a great afternoon guys!

Messy desk

Tuesday, 3 May 2011
hihihi everyone :) not sure why i'm posting random pictures of my room. oh well, enjoy. i've been wearing my topman jumper literally every day since i got it (well, i washed it one day obvs) but it actually goes with everything, i need more jumpers like it.
(shorts; DIY/ebay, jumper; topman, necklace; charity shop)
just realized this post has no real purpose. oh well. my gsce exams start in two weeks which is weird.. the two years flew by. i haven't started revision.. probably wont for a while.. i'm so lazy when it comes to school haha.
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