Flowers at Liberty

Monday, 4 April 2011

flowers outside libertys

i love flowers! and especially when they are prettily displayed like this. not much happening recently.. its my friend toms birthday tomorrow and mine the day after which is weird. i don't want to be sixteen! it makes me feel old, ha. i activated my formspring again, so if you have any Q's/general stuff to ask here is the link. be nice please haha! have a lovely monday guys :)


  1. I'm sixteen in 2 months and 2 days! That makes you two month solder than me!! Flowers are so beautiful although they tend to make me sneeze a little.

  2. I love flowers too. I wish I had an installation like this in my house! x

  3. Flowers make me calm and happy. They're So Pretty.
    I don't wanna be 16 wither. Hope you have fun in you birthday.

    also your title rocks. Love Dev she's so fine <3

  4. I love flowers too...and 16 is a great age.

  5. old? im eighteen in 3 months, s o w e i r d
    16 is so so so good
    great photo

  6. summer brings the most beautiful flowers with it

  7. Oh goodness, how I love flowers too! How can this NOT brighten up your day? Gorgeous!


  8. those flowers are beautiful, oh how I love spring and sunshine!! :)

  9. So pretty! White roses are my absolute favorites xx


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