Twiggy & Acne pink

Sunday, 30 January 2011

 below are my two favourite items i've acquired recently.

twiggy book and acne t-shirt
have a nice week everyone x

Cable knit

Saturday, 29 January 2011

(barbour; brothers, cable knit; topshop, blouse; H&M, leather shorts; UO sale (£20!), ring; YSL)

wore this yesterday, to starbucks and then lucys. on friday i saw black swan, it was breathtaking.. such a powerful/amazing/omg/beautiful/wtf/incredible film. natalie portman is so flawless, and she portrayed the role so well. i want to see it again! it inspired me in so many ways. i definitely recommend everyone to see it asap.


Tuesday, 25 January 2011
dress; kate moss for topshopi've had this dress for years, but i've never posted it on here before. it seems too boring with just tights and my awful scraped back-lopsided bun-just got out of bed hair and a slick of mascara. i can't wait to wear it with bare legs, a floppy hat, loads of silver bangles, white lace socks and wedges, but for now, this is ok for just lounging around the house. wish these months of cold would just hurry up and leave.

oh and i've been interviewed by amy from the girl in the bowler hat, check it out here! :-)


Monday, 24 January 2011

a couple of things i love from urban outfitters. i wish that cardigan was about £40 (which is still expensive, but i would pay that) but £65 is just too much. I LOVE THE CREEPERS, also. i wish wish wish i could pull them off. i might try them on next time i see them in a store.

Kensington high street

Sunday, 23 January 2011
before going out yesterday, i did some 'whats in my bag' pictures satchel; no idea

extra gum, car boot sale sunglasses, disposable cameras, cath kidston purse, ysl arty ring, natural collection eye liner, ysl mascara, topshop lip balm, ipod and vintage embroidered hand mirror. also i had my phone and camera, obviously.

i was bored yesterday so i went to kensington high street and i didn't think i was going to buy anything (spending ban) but then it turned out to be a successful shop. i never have them kind of trips. and i forgot how much i love kensington! i would love to live in one of these houses when i'm older, although most of them are about £7,000,000.

i wore my pleated skirt (from this post), topshop chain jumper with this asos shirt underneath, satchel and loafers. a bigger, awful, dodgy and low quality picture of what i'm wearing can also be seen here. then saturday evening i went to toms, and today i've done, well, nothing.. so pretty much like every other sunday.

Kate Moss x Ryan McGinley editorial

Friday, 21 January 2011

love the dreamlike aesthetic of these photographs, they remind me of the virgin suicides. i would really love to take some photographs like this in the springtime, i need to get some film asap, if only the prices weren't so high.

source: Ryan McGinley

Lucy Williams style crush

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

style crush: lucy williams, model and fashion assistant at instyle magazineimages for lucy from google, here and here

i love her style, it's so chic and effortless and i like her simple layering and use of detail. i've combined a little wishlist together of some things inspired by her. her top left jumper is from zara, i've been searching EVERYWHERE for it. literally! i can't find it, which sucks as i have a voucher which i need to spend too. i'm really liking the thick pullovers with elbow patches, but apart from zara, no-where else does any nice ones in my price range. i also love her maxi skirt, infact all maxi skirts.. i wish the stores would hurry up and release some more. hers is from american apparel, but for something so basic, i dont think their skirt is the way to go.american apparel skirts, chunky pullover by rag and bone, navy apc jumper, black floppy hat, camel wool oversized coat, wool socks, leather boots, urban outfitters maxi

and also, i meant to say, i've recieved about 40 new followers today! i dont know where you all came from (hi!) but i'm guessing another blogger linked me or mentioned me somewhere/how? if this is the case, please comment so i can check it out! but this is exciting :) hi everyone! edit: thank you zoella! 
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