Christmas presents

Friday, 31 December 2010

favourite christmas presents (cath kidston duvet cover and pillows, yves saint laurent mascara and nail varnish, books, zara vouchers and arty ring and topshop ring, YSL arty ring, YSL arty ring)

 i can't believe tonight is new years.. i'm going to my friends house then maybe to another girls party too. i have no idea what to wear, i've never bought anything special for it.. maybe i should next time. 2010 has been good to this blog, and so much has changed to me in general. hopefully 2011 will be also amazing. have a good new years everyone x

its the most wonderful time of the year

Friday, 24 December 2010

merry christmas eve everyone! i've spent my week late night ice skating, by the fire reading, eating everything in sight, with friends and with family. tomorrow i'm going to my aunties house, i can't wait to eat! seriously, i am looking forward to the food the most. i'll probably be wearing this jumper tomorrow (beyond retro, £16).  anyway, i hope everyone has a lovely christmas and has a wonderful day! 

Two trailers

Friday, 17 December 2010

two outfits from polyvore i've been lusting over recently, and also below two films i've been wanting to see. somewhere by sofia coppola and also black swan. these two films have been stalking the blogosphere, so i can't wait to see them. what is everyone else wanting to see this christmas?

Midi skirt

Thursday, 16 December 2010

(jumper; topshop, belt; charity shop, skirt; ebay)

i'm in two minds about this skirt. i love it, but i'm not sure whether the length suits me completely. hmmmmmmm.

so i've done eighteen exams in the past week and a half, and they are finally finished. i'm so tired! my christmas holidays begin! planning today for a charity shop then dinner in london with friends.


(topshop jumper, satchel; vintage, cameo necklace; ebay)

what i wore today after my exams before i went to the gym. more and more exams this week but only one more tomorrow then christmas holidays! then charity shops then london in the evening i think.. then saturday night i'm going to see Wicked again with my mumma. currently lying on my floor on the phone to tom.. its all i ever do anymore haha. hows everyone elses evening been?

New lipliner and necklace

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

my new favourite lip colour. i love lipstick but sometimes i find they are too sloppy.. lip pencil provides matt block colour and are much more subtle. this chanel one is in shade 'roux sienna' and perfectly suits my skin tone, and the winter. and new necklace too from ebay too! inspired by alexas one, but mine was only around £6/£7. 

Xmas jumper

Monday, 6 December 2010

(jumper; vintage, leather skirt; ebay, necklace; urban outfitters)

possibly the worst outfit post pictures ever.. sorry! only had time to snap a few while in the topshop changing rooms the other day.

in other news, my mocks start on wednesday and i have nearly 18 exams in the next week -_- fmal.

christmas list part one

Friday, 3 December 2010

this is my never-in-a-million-years christmas list, or wishlist if you may, because i am only wishing aha. things i would love to buy, and if i was a billionaire, what items i would ask for.

{ source: (yves saint laurent lingot gold plated heart rings, acne print skirt, proenza schouler PS1 satchel, the row silk-crepe blouse) source: (primadina amethyst druzi ring) source: (alexander wang diego bucket bag) source: (ipad) source: iosselliani skull cameo necklace source: charbonnel et walker champagne truffles }

ahh :) i've had the week off school due to the snow, and for the next two weeks i have mocks, but then i can finally do my christmas shopping! this week, each day i have ventured out into the blizzard with my friends and either gone to starbucks or in the hot tub, and last night we went sledging. it feels so christmassy, i love it. how are you all enjoying the weather?
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