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Thursday, 22 July 2010
today is my second day of summer.. and it's raining. i'm taking this opportunity to change into my pjs, eat belgium chocolate covered honeycomb, read vogue and also catch up on blogs.

random picture of me, wearing topshop lipstick in vamp

i've had an amazing few days so far, but seeing highstreet AW10 collections has made me excited for autumn. catwalks showed their collections awhile ago, but affordable inspired pieces from shops has really kicked in lust- topshop, especially. the collection consists of thick cable knit jumpers and knee high socks, worn leather with fur collars, tan loafers, camel coloured coats, wooden heels, shearling jackets, buttery leather shorts, satchels in tones of beige, brown and grey, thick knits, sleek blazers in autumn colours, utilitarian shirts, transparent maxi layers teamed with desert boots, mustard sheer blouses, capes in leather and fur, oxblood coloured wool..topshop aw10 lookbook

so gorgeous. this autumn and winter i will be defiantly taking pieces in moderation, and matching them with vintage pieces i've recently acquired. can't wait!


  1. You are totally ready for fall! Love this collection.

  2. Oh my.So many amazing clothes in one is all I can say :)

  3. Wow, you look amazing in that picture! I really want some leather or suede shorts for winter, hopefully vintage though as I'm not paying £70 for topshop ones, aha.

  4. My summer hasn't even started yet and the autumn collections have set in! I say that but actually I'm quite excited about the prospect of getting a few new pieces

  5. I love the a/w collections it's non uniform at our school tomorro for the last day of term so you've given me a little inspiration I was definatley wearing my tan brogues but it's just deciding what to wear with them depending on the strange weather we've been having x

  6. hiiii emma,
    just wondering if you could contribute to my new zine? i've got some good ideas ;)
    there's details on my blog and if you leave your email i can send you the full press page?

  7. Bottom right hand photo, the SHOES <3 I definitely need them in my life (:
    Belgium chocolate it allllllways good

  8. i love your beautiful hair.
    don`t cut it off.never ever! :)

    the lipstick is pretty cool by the way

  9. your hair is gorgeous!

  10. wow you look absolutely stunning!!! xx

  11. your hair is unreal!! so beautiful here!! ps eatin ice ceam reading vogue and chillin in pjs sounds like an awesome way to spend a rainy day :) x

  12. i really want those thick woollen socks, they looks so cosy
    your hair is lovely - i can't wait for mine to growww!

  13. you're so beautiful. i love this photo.

  14. so pretty,
    youre gorrrgeous and so is your hair!

    ( ctrl + ♥ )

  15. love the fall looks!
    maybe i can pull of some of it for college life??

    lol and what's that chocolate-covered honeycomb look like??

    sounds DELICIOUS!

    check out mine?
    you're a HUGE inspiration!

  16. mmmm the prospect of shearling jackets, loafers, felt hats and leather satchels has got me wishing for crispy autumn leaves already, and my summer has just begun!
    you're absolutely stunning and i adore your style. your blog is a happy indulgence of mine xx

  17. wow, your so naturally beautiful and i love your hair.
    have a lovely summer :')

  18. Hey.
    Just found your blog, hehe.
    Lovely post, and really great blog!! Btw. lovin' the hair, and I'm a follower of yours now :-)
    I was hoping if you would take a look at mine, and maybe be a follower?

  19. Hey i have just started a blog heres the link and i have just done a post on topshops new range so anyone can check it out i would appreciate it by the way i love your blog

    thnkyou annie xxx

  20. fall and winter fashion is definately my favorite . lovely inspiration ! you're absouletely gorgeous .
    i'm following you now <3

  21. Oh hey, I'm the girl who recognised you at Underage! You seemed a bit shocked :)
    It would be mine

  22. You look flawless in that top picture. Really stunning :)


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