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Monday, 7 June 2010
so as many of you know, i went to italy a week or so ago. it was so beautiful there. i went to the coast of italy, sorrento. i visited the gorgeous postcard picture island that is capri, and visited the ruins of pompei. the weather was lovely, and the views everywhere we went were just stunning. i swam in the blue sea, and also ate the most amazing food! it was just so.. beautiful. i would love to go back someday.

i didn't take many pictures, but these are what i have. i missed my friends and home so much though- which is stupid as i only went for a week, but you realize how different everything is. i also finished the lovely bones while i was away- i surprisingly loved it. do you guys have any other books to recommend? i read everyday, it's one of my favourite things to do but i've found it increasingly hard to find good books. it would be so great if you guys could suggest some!


  1. i read my sisters keeper last year, it is amazing, i'd recommend it, though it is really sad.
    your photos are lovely, the last one is gorgeous! xx

  2. what beautiful pictures, the sunset looks so gorgeous! my layout is annoying me, too, i don't know what to do with it. i actually really like yours how it is, but i can't wait to see your new one :)

    love, jazzabelle. xxx

  3. i know what you mean! i always get homesick no matter what which sucks because i want to travel!
    i went to florida once for a week WITH my parents and i missed my bed :P wow.
    beautiful photos. i wish i lived closer to italy.

  4. My friends went to Capri a while back, it looks so lovely there (:

  5. it looks so beautiful there, i need a holiday! (for the layout, remember: less is more, so just go for something simple :))

  6. stargirl stargirl stargirl stargirl!!!! deffinetly, i instantly fell in love with this character!
    erm... memoirs of a geisha, the it girl series, the blue bloods series(like twilight and gossip girl put together, it is AWESOME.)

    i am so jelous, i would love to go to italy so much!you lucky lucky girl :P

  7. oh my gosh, such a beautiful place!

  8. oh god, sorrento <3 i adore that place so much. i went a couple years ago and i am yearning to go back. it is totally, utterly, beautiful. i also went to capris. it's lush there too.
    and as for book reccommendations, i can reccommend authors because everything i've read by them has been fantastic.
    Louise Rennison (always good just for a laugh, it's like the Angus, Thongs etc)
    Jodi Picoult (beautiful writer, brilliant storylines, brilliant research goes into her books)
    Nicholas Sparkes (The Notebook, is all I have to say. His books are so beautiful.)

  9. oh my, everything is so gorgeous. very jealous of you - has been raining here... xx

  10. Im in Love with Pompei :)

    Read The Luxe series! There are four books and they are brilliant, just like gossip girl in the 1900s :)

  11. Oh wow, its beautiful. I love all the buildings, they're so colourful.

  12. I've been there! Its absoluty beautiful, i'd love to go back :) xxxx

  13. oh looks like a lovely break and the I prefer the new layout! Perfume is quite a good read

  14. Italy looks amazing!

    As for books, I love the Blue Blood series but someone else has already suggested that XD

    My So Called Life by Joanna Nadine made me laugh so much so I recommend that =D

  15. Aww looks so lovely - and sounds so similar to my last holiday; we went to Sorrento too and did the same visits...I want to live in Italy!


  16. I recommend Tao Lin's books, especially Shoplifting from American Apparel. He's really good.

  17. The Life and Death of Charlie St.Cloud and also The Time Travellers Wife.


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