Miu Miu SS10

Friday, 18 June 2010
blogs have been swarming with miu miu's SS10 collection following their spring catwalk, and ever since the likes of alexa chung, tavi from style rookie and a million other bloggers/style icons have been seen wearing the quirky swallow patterns, i've been pretty obsessed. of course, i haven't been able to afford anything from the collection, but i've been inspired by the cat prints and the neutral colour schemes. especially with DIYS all over the internet to get the miu miu style, i've been pretty satisfied with lusting from a distance at the collection.


  1. Those river island shoes did make me feel quite ill, I like it when it' "inspired" not just plain ugly copies!

  2. I completely understand what you mean! My pet hate is the Primark and New Look copy of the Mulberry Alexa, it seriously annoys me. I love the Miu Miu prints and the only thing that I seem to like from the high street which is related to this Miu Miu collection in any way is a cat print dress from Zara. So don't worry, you're not the onlyl one!

    Chloe xxx
    P.S. I love the song title, Billy Joel makes me feel so happy.

  3. the river island heels aren't actually exact copies - they're cherries instead of swallows, as well as being open-toe'd :) colour-wise etc, yes they're the same but there are a few differences which make them not an exact copy! :)
    love your blog! xx

  4. Same I hate it when highstreet cop things directly off of the catwalk it can be so terrible River Island are usually the worst culperates aswell :L So are Primark but sometimes their stuff is rather good. (: Love the miu miu blog x


  5. i'm guessing you saw the river island heels? i agree, they weren't very nice. but zara's miu miu inspired pieces were lovely, i think anyway. :)

  6. Those river island copys were such a fail! It annoyed me too, kinda cheapens the design a bit x

  7. i don't like the mulberry copy in primark, i don't know why, it just seems so bleughhh and chavy :L also £9?!!! primark, what you playing at?!
    and i can imagine river island copying the miu miu prints lol, i quite like river islands latest stuff though, they've deffinetly upped their style standards!

  8. I know what you mean, it makes the designs look really cheap. However I also sometimes do like it since never in a million years would I be able to afford something, so it's nice to wear something inspired by them. I love Zara's retake on the miu miu prints, I think they've made a lovely collection based on them! :)


  9. Yup of course! I hate it when that happens as well. Who isn't happy when they snatch a bargain but to STEAL the exact design and make it uglier...


  10. i adore the alexander wang plaits.
    im craving the silk collars. wish i could afford one

  11. ohhh i just love miu miu <3


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