Brick lane

Sunday, 16 May 2010
so as you can most likely see, i've changed my blog layout. it's been overdue for a long time now, but i'm not sure whether i like it or not. i've finally added a bloglovin' link too, but it turns out i already have 37 followers on there! thanks guys haha! anyway, i'm still undecided whether to keep it the way it is. any tips, thoughts?
in other news, on saturday i went to brick lane with my friends abi and olivia. even though we took about 13098329083 hours getting there (and ended up at a deserted tube station near wimbledon.. don't ask) we headed straight for the vintage stores. i found so many things i was in love with, especially from the huge beyond retro which is there!

the beautiful abi (left) and olivia (right)
i only ended up buying an amazing pair of denim shorts. especially as all i seem to wear is shorts these days, i thought why not mix it up and go for some multicoloured ones! i got them for £12 from beyond retro. especially heading up to summer, beyond retros had a load of shorts in every colour imaginable and lots of retro swimwear, so i'm definitely heading up there again to pick up some vintage summer wear! i need to replace the zip on them though, so expect a post soon featuring them. what i wore to brick lane though was:

levi cutoffs; £4; ebay, belt; £1; vintage, boob tube; £2.99; H&M, satchel; ebay; £7, doc martens; ebay; £5.50, duffle coat; topshop; £80, star seam back tights; topshop sale, £4; locket; vintage; 99p.


Sunday, 9 May 2010
on friday i went up to london for dinner with my friends, not before taking a few pictures before going out.

(docs, spotty tights)

Topshop makeup

Wednesday, 5 May 2010
so today topshop finally reveled their new makeup range! i'm already in love with the quirky packaging, the in season colours and the prices! i adore the simplicity of the products and cant wait to get my hands on some of them.
i love the block colours of both lipsticks, and the mascara looks so voluming. the eyeliner (i need to get this) also looks so good! and i love the pastel colours of the nail varnish's, the mint colour is very similar to chanels sold out one. is anyone else crazy excited to buy something?! ahh!
in other words, i'm just been boring old me. haha, nothing terribly exciting happening, stuck with lots of coursework.

hope everyone has a good evening :)

TS haul

Tuesday, 4 May 2010
topshop purchases:lace corset; £10. sailor blouse, £12 & lace navy smock dress; £15 star seam tights; £4 & petal confetti sheer blouse; £15.on friday around lucys i wore my hook and eye dress from the previous post. amazingly comfy to dance in actually.. you'd be surprised.

Hook and eye dress

Sunday, 2 May 2010
i was planning to get this dress in the topshop sale, but only saw a size 14 for £25. i looked on ebay the next day and found a size 8 for £14.99, so bought it straight away. i love the sheerness and the colour, i can deffinatly see me wearing this dress for the summer and even the winter with thick tights. first buy off ebay in a while actually- i'm cutting down! haha, after recently joining tumblr, my folders of pictures are now brimmed to the full with inspiration. some of my favourites:

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