Sunday, 4 April 2010

on thursday i spent the day shopping with ellie & sammie, and then we went to my friends surprise party in the evening. it was really fun, here are some photos:

on friday, we went up to brick lane to try and get into the american apparel rummage sale (basically all their stock in warehouse, but all for £1 & £2!), but there was over 3000 people there, and massive riots broke out, ambulances came, and it just went crazy. so we had a little wonder through brick lane, going into all the vintage shops. we also went into rough trade- the massive music shop with a B&W photobooth.


  1. Looks like alot of fun! I'd love to live in London :D


  2. love love love the playsuit!
    your easter sounds fab so far :)
    mine's been good; sleepover with my best girlies, work and then relaxing today xoxo

  3. OMG, I went to the Brick Lane rummage, it was awful! I was on the floor in fits of laughter with my friends, did get a few cute things though:)xxx

  4. I have been searching for that Topshop dress EVERYWHERE and couldn't find it at all.... it sold out online ages ago and they never put it back on :(

  5. I can't believe AA has sales like that! But yeah, I've heard stories of massive riots just because there's a sale going on. That's pretty scary.

  6. my friend went to the amercan appearel sale, I know there was so many people! I saw a video of someone going mad, and jumping on the cars.

    Lovely post!
    I would love to go to france your so lucky, take me with you next time :D?

  7. GORGEOUS dress (Y) never been to the brick lane vintage shops, i think i'll go and take a trip down there sometime soon thanks to your beautiful blog :) xx

  8. Hey, I've nominated you for an award over at my blog :) xxx Michelle

  9. i was at the sale on friday i went back on saturdya too it was so disappointing


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