Tuesday, 27 April 2010

after a long few days of hosting my french exchange, i'm ready never to speak french again. she was nice, but it's so bleurgh after days of sitting in silence. on the weekend, friday was a massive BBQ, then on saturday we took all the frenchies to dulwich and soaked in the sun, and then sunday consisted of oxford circus and carnaby street. while they went mental over starbucks (no starbucks in france it seems) i got my disposables developed

April day

Monday, 19 April 2010
i've spent the last three weeks dozing in the sun, going to the park, eating icecreams, playing around with my tripod, laughing, planning holidays, shopping, eating, taking photographs and meeting new people.i havent got much to show- no outfit posts, no inspiration. but i wore my topshop playsuit yesterday when with my friends, and it's surprising comfy (although peeing in a playsuit? annoyin) i'm back to school tomorrow though. kill me now.
but on thursday my french exchange is coming over to stay for a week, so i'm going to be showing her my town and school etc.

i see your face, i hear your voice, my heart stays faithful

Tuesday, 13 April 2010
the past couple of days have consisted of me doing nothing all day, just dozing in the sun. i've only been religiously wearing this checked shirt over and over again, as its so easy to throw on. here are my tights again from topshop, i am yet to wear them out. i dont want to look like a hooker, and so far its proved hard to find the balance. i've also tried wearing them with shorts, but i'm not sure. i wish i had the confidence to wear them everywhere, but i'l think i'l stick with more open fashioned places, like london.in other news, i watched 'remember me' yesterday. it was actually so good. robert pattinson is .. amazing. i didn’t think i could love him more. he is so gorgeous, too gorgeous. god, i want him. i cried like a fricken baby at the end though. i wont spoil it for you all, but seriously SUCH an unexpected ending.too beautiful.
i stayed around my friends house last night, and we had a random photoshoot too:
i just wore my heart tights, topshop; £8, doc martens, ebay, £5.50, cut off levis; £4, ebay, slouchy tee; H&M.

Spotty tights

Saturday, 10 April 2010
topshop heart suspenders and topshop heart tights; £8 each. i wore the heart tights along with this to brighton:marroon pocket top; stolen from my brother, cut off levis; £4, belt; primark; £2.

i bought this checked shirt in brighton in a vintage store, it was only £5!i wore it in the evening in brighton, as it got chillier as the sun went down. other purchases from the week:
topshop playsuit; £35.floral primark skater dress; £8.american soccer tee; vintage shop in brighton; £3.
american college top; vintage shop in brighton; £3.

i'm off to soak some more sun up, especially as its so damn rare in england

you are my last, my first

first off, thank you so much for all the birthday messages! it feels so good to be 15. i spent my birthday having a picnic in hyde park with my friends, and using up film in my diana camera

my friends stayed over that night, and i woke up to do absolutely nothing that next day. thursday, i went shopping with sammie and then went on a massive bike ride with aya and her. the sun was setting, and we rode to see our friend ellie, and harassed her (she was playing shotball or something) until she came and talked to us. it was fun. then we stayed over at ellies house, and where i had about 2 hours sleep, only to wake up on friday at 8.30 am to go to brighton.

the sun was shining, even in the early morning and by the time we got to brighton IT WAS FLIPPING HOT. we settled on the beach and sunbathed all day. we went and dipped our feet in the sea and me and ellie went for a 1 hour long walk along the beach. we went into a old fashioned arcade and she (literally) flipped me over, so i like somersaulted into a BOAT. then we sunbathed some more and then aya, me and lucy went for a stroll through all the lanes in brighton, going to all the charity shops & vintage stores. 

hasnt the weather been so wonderful the past few days in england? i think i'm going to spend today sunbathing with a book and a blanket in my garden. 

happy birthday me

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

... i'm finally 15!

French exchange

Sunday, 4 April 2010

so fun!
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