Friday, 12 March 2010
hi everyone :)
sorry it's been too long since a proper post, but i've been busy with all my mock preparing & other general school shiz. but, here are my favourite picks from urban outfitters this month:

lace up boots; £85, horse tee; £18
flannel shirt; sale; £22, leather satchel £98

my saturday consisted of ellie & sammie coming over, and us taking photos and watching '500 days of summer'.

ie. pictures of me looking like a total dork haha. i'm wearing a new vintage blouse i got from ebay for 99p. it's got a massive collar, and looks sweet with shorts and pearls (which is all i seem to wear these days, and for i apologise haha)


  1. same! i love my granny pearls hehe :P
    good luck with your exams! i got a levels coming up..should really be revising... haha oh dear :L
    i need to see that film!! might pop into asda sometime, see if they have it :D lol

  2. you are so unbelievably pretty!
    and i love your outfits:) x

  3. Look it's you! - http://fashionpeach17.blogspot.com/2010/03/art-exam-and-some-random-coursework-p.html

    :) xx

  4. beautiful! i love your outfit on saturday!
    but... I CANT BELIEVE YOU PUT THAT PICTURE ON!!!! grrrrrrrrrrr xxxxxxxxxx

  5. i) that satchel is sooo yum. pity it doesn't have a handle at the top though.
    ii) loving the shirt in the last photograph, gorgeous!

  6. Ooh, if you look on asos there's a satchel almost identical to the Urban Outfitters one in the men's section (just search retro leather satchel)for just £30!

    I have it and love it, although it's just a little small for school :( unless I'm just a huge geek who carts about half the world in her bag haha
    Good luck with your exams and still loving your blog :)

  7. such a pretty post (:

    love the blog darl!

    - Michelle

  8. I am always looking for satchels like that, they come up on ebay relatively frequently and for much cheaper!



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