Wednesday, 31 March 2010
this post is of celebration.
i) i just broke up for the easter holidays. three weeks of freedom. this means lots more blogging, more outfits and more going out with my friends!
ii) i've finished all my mocks. and god, did they drag on. only french i kind of have left, but thats a real gsce so technically, its not a mock. i was planning to do it today, but kinda got thrown out. but whatever.
iii) it's my birthday in about a week (april 6th, mark your diaries) so hopefully i shall be getting some birthday money and some goodies! and birthday cake. is it just me or has no-one had birthday cake in forever?
iiii) I HAVE 500 FOLLOWERS ON THIS BLOG! i can't believe it. i literally cannot. i still remember when i had 27 followers, and was so so happy when i hit the 30 mark. but now, 500? wow. i literally blinked and all of your guys comments starting piling in, and the followers were going up one by one. i want to thank you all, so so much. you've all been so kind to me, and been lovely even though sometimes i'm the worst blogger ever. i started this blog on the 11th january 2009, literally just over a year ago, and to have 500 followers in that little amount of time, is, well, amazing! so thanks guys. i'm giving everyone a virtual hug right now. but dont worry, my gushy and embarrassing speech is over, enjoy my inspiration...



  1. Love these random pics <3


  2. congrats on the 500 followers - amazing!
    lovely pictures, too <3 xoxo

  3. i lurrrrve the purple house :)

  4. congrats on all the followers - you derserve it! :) xxx

  5. congratulations :)
    your blog is very very lovely and don't worry about GCSEs just think about the lovely long summer you'll have when they're all done! (Best 3/4 months of my life!)

    Lovee xx


  6. Thoroughly enjoyed your inspiration! xoxo
    p.s I can see why you're celebrating!

  7. I love your inspiration posts :)


  8. You always feature such beautiful photos.
    My easter break is only 4 days long! How do the school breaks work in the UK?


  9. Oh I'm so happy for you. I'm on holidays after today too so I will be able to celebrate with you and congradulations on 500 followers, thats absolutely amazing. I will be so happy when I reach that much, if I do ever reach that much.. I hope so. :)

    Hope you have an awesome break, and these photos are lovely.

  10. love these photos - especially the one with worker boots and suspenders. I wear that all the time! although it does earn me some funny & disapproving looks :)

    congrats on reaching 500 followers - I'm almostttt there now, adding bloglovin' and blogger followers together. I have around 20 people left to go! So exciting!



  11. Congrats! You totally deserve it, such a great blog and you have amazing style :)

  12. I've nominated you for a blog award :D xoxo

  13. Congratulations on the 500th followers! :)
    can't wait to see your other posts


  14. i've just stumbled across your blog, and must say i love it! all your pictures have such a nice feel to them - i'm particularly enjoying the denim shorts and perfume shots.

    feel free to drop by some time :) ahhahttp://somuchmorebesides.blogspot.com/


  15. I LOVE this inspiration!! It's so cool!
    This blog is so beautiful... well done you :)


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