Wednesday, 31 March 2010
this post is of celebration.
i) i just broke up for the easter holidays. three weeks of freedom. this means lots more blogging, more outfits and more going out with my friends!
ii) i've finished all my mocks. and god, did they drag on. only french i kind of have left, but thats a real gsce so technically, its not a mock. i was planning to do it today, but kinda got thrown out. but whatever.
iii) it's my birthday in about a week (april 6th, mark your diaries) so hopefully i shall be getting some birthday money and some goodies! and birthday cake. is it just me or has no-one had birthday cake in forever?
iiii) I HAVE 500 FOLLOWERS ON THIS BLOG! i can't believe it. i literally cannot. i still remember when i had 27 followers, and was so so happy when i hit the 30 mark. but now, 500? wow. i literally blinked and all of your guys comments starting piling in, and the followers were going up one by one. i want to thank you all, so so much. you've all been so kind to me, and been lovely even though sometimes i'm the worst blogger ever. i started this blog on the 11th january 2009, literally just over a year ago, and to have 500 followers in that little amount of time, is, well, amazing! so thanks guys. i'm giving everyone a virtual hug right now. but dont worry, my gushy and embarrassing speech is over, enjoy my inspiration...



Monday, 15 March 2010
just wanted to let you all know, i wont be blogging for a while.. because i'm going to france! haha, i'm leaving on thursday and coming back late tuesday. it's a french exchange, and i'm practially spending all day thursday on trains, rolling through paris & the beautiful french countryside! and when we get to the town, i'm meeting my exchange for the first time... eek! then i get to spend the rest of the week with my friends! i am so excited, i hope its nice there! even though it's heavy rain there at the moment, i'm dreaming of a suitcase full of these clothes:
j'taime romance

tres francais, oui? haha, prepare for millions of tourist-y photos from me when i get back!
au revoir 


Sunday, 14 March 2010
oh and i forgot to say, new lookbook:


Friday, 12 March 2010
hi everyone :)
sorry it's been too long since a proper post, but i've been busy with all my mock preparing & other general school shiz. but, here are my favourite picks from urban outfitters this month:

lace up boots; £85, horse tee; £18
flannel shirt; sale; £22, leather satchel £98

my saturday consisted of ellie & sammie coming over, and us taking photos and watching '500 days of summer'.

ie. pictures of me looking like a total dork haha. i'm wearing a new vintage blouse i got from ebay for 99p. it's got a massive collar, and looks sweet with shorts and pearls (which is all i seem to wear these days, and for i apologise haha)


Thursday, 4 March 2010
some pictures from the photoshoot we did for fun a while ago.. my beautiful friends..

hope everyone had a good weekend! :)

you look a little sad, boy

Monday, 1 March 2010
mmm, i so want to wear this right now, and be walking through london with starbucks in my hand, and a chanel bag in the other...


but instead i'm at home wrapped in my duvet, doing homework. but we can all dream right?

some other inspiration:

have a wonderful week :)

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