Wednesday, 10 February 2010
it's literally just started snowing outside, but i'm already planning for spring. i can't help it, especially when topshop is releasing more & more new lovely items everyday. i need the weather to hurry up for spring, so i can start buying some of these yummy tunics..i love the floral & plain dusky pink hook eye dresses but i also adore the two middle pussybow tunics. ahh, they are so lovely (but overpriced, eek).
and i'm finally breaking up on friday from school for half term, yay. also, some of you formspringers have been complaining that i don't blog enough? i have to deal with crazy amounts of coursework, retakes & other shizbiz which is going on! haha, i'm sorry i can't blog very often, but with the dark evenings as well, i can't take any outfit posts. hope you guys don't mind, i promise i'l try & blog more often! 


  1. I love pretty much all of that stuff. It would cost about £173648593 with Topshop's crazy prices! :)

    They had an amazing maxi skirt, kinda hippyish, but £55 and out of my budget! :(

  2. Yeah, i've got so much coursework due now, it's crazy- i've got to finish a natural forms art project, all by friday :(
    i love those tunics too, if only they were half the prices they are now! love your blog!

  3. oh em jesus, I saw that pussy bow tunic with the butterflys on today, one word. stunning. Get it : )

  4. ah that bra & blazer are gorrrgeous :)

    good luck with all your schoolwork etc,your blog is great & i'm sure come spring/summer we'll see more posts :)

  5. I'm with you: I love so many Topshop pieces, but the prices prevent me from purchasing!

  6. aaaaaaaaaaw topshop..... :(

    *online shopping NOOOOW*

  7. the pastel shades are so tempting on one hand, but then some days the weather is awful and the sky is like steel and i just want to wear black black black and ignore the whole thing, topped off with a big black scarf. the next properly bright day that comes along, the pastle shades have to come out, i can't wait to see more of them around.


  8. i love vintage clothes. <33

  9. oh topshop topshop topshop :)
    Love the collection so much at the moment :)

  10. Topshop is amazing! i got the beige tunic with the bow i love it! Been wearing it with black thigh high socks and heels! but yeah so expensive boo hoo x

  11. Hope u don't mind I mentioned you in my latest blog post :)



  12. ughhh I hate it when people start complaining about lack of posts! They obviously aren't bloggers themselves and don't understand the amount of time & effort it takes.

    LOVE all of your picks, and Topshop in general! If only I could afford it... sooo skint right now... *sigh*




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