my bones ache & my heart breaks

Wednesday, 2 December 2009
i want to be in paris right now wearing this.


also i got three new pairs of vintage lace-up boots from ebay in the past couple of days :) can't wait to show you guys!
and listen to this:

the most perfect song ever?
it makes me want to cry/sleep/kill myself/smile/look out the window/put on a dress and run through a lake/ fall in love.


  1. this is absolutely amazing! i'm in love with this post! i feel the exact same way!

  2. oh that song is so very beautiful,
    and what a gorgeous outfit.
    i can't wait to see your new shoes, vintage lace-up boots are the best
    much love,
    minna <3

  3. ohhh where is that dress from?? i must have it!!!!! :) x

  4. I want to be in paris to! And i desperately want to be wearing that. Delightfull post!

  5. Ohhh the dress is ♥!
    Nice blog!I love your uploads!

  6. adorable outfit! so cute. i wish i was in paris too... dang

  7. Thanks for your comment,
    I think anywhere will accept work experience? I know arcadia do, you have to work a month day in day out though, which is a bit hectic!
    I'd just email some CV's off, if I were you. And always mention you have a successful blog, that gives you the x factor in this day and age!

  8. I nearly fell off my chair that music was so beautiful.
    Imogen Heap is wonderful look her up. :)

  9. me too i want to be in paris wearing that! how lovely.

  10. love the outfit, would love to be in paris wearing that!
    very chic.

    Theory of a fashion victim

  11. i love your blog! can't wait to see more of your fashion posts

    ps- LOVE the black lace dress that you took the ruffles off of. i've been dying to find one myself!

  12. that is probably the most beautiful song i have ever heard in my entire life. i too, certainly, want to put on a beautiful dress and run in a lake. thanks for the introduction. you're an utter inspiration. <3 xx

  13. oh and by the way, hello i'm katheriné.

  14. i thought, *sigh* i'd have to pause my music before i listen to that. So I did. AND BOY! am I glad about that. Thank you for posting that beautiful song, and just looking at the castlist, i MUST! see that movie.

    Have you seen it and could offer me a bit of an explanation as to view or not viewing it?
    Thanks love,
    Norah xoxo


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