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Monday, 26 October 2009
halloween is soon coming up, and i actually have no idea what to wear. i'm going to sammies house & i've planned to go as a vampire. you know the type; red lips, lace, messy hair. i can't seem to find anything which doesnt look obscenely slutty, but i made these four possible polyvore sets that i would love to wear:
option one.
velvet bandeau, velvet body, mesh skirt and heels; all topshop.

halloween 4

option two.
lace tights, lace body, heels and velvet shorts; all topshop.

hallowweeen 2

option three.
laceup boots, sequin corset, lace tights; all topshop. skirt; unknown.

halloweeen 1

option four.
velvet corset, spiderweb socks, aggie boots and acid wash skirt; all topshop.

halloween 3

ahh i wish anyway. happy monday.


  1. all gorgeous! i wish i had the money to buy a lot of these pieces! siiiigh.

  2. oooh I want to dress up as a vampire too! but I don't know what to wear either.
    Love option 1 with the velvet body!


  3. you are so lucky to have halloween in ur country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i wish i had too!!!!!:(

  4. nice options! haha i think 2 and 3 are best but the shoes in 4 are fierce ;P haha the crop in 1 is beautiful too

  5. I looove 1 ..and 3 and the top in 4..beauuutiful!! xx

  6. option 1! or 3! all lovely though


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