Saturday, 31 October 2009
happy halloween!
i'm actually going crazy here wondering what to wear.
i'm thinking ripped tights, topshop acid wash skirt, lace body, crazy cat lady hair and red lips. kinda like a vampire/frankinstean. like this:

what is everyone else going as? :)


  1. that's gonna look soooo great! haha
    you are gunna look amazingg emma <3

    i think i'm going all spiderish, i bought these like £1.49 pair of spider tights and i'm sticking spiders in my hair and stuff hahaha.

    hope you have a fun halloween :) x

  2. i'm sure that'll look awesome. i'm gonna be a nerd ahahaa

  3. that sounds gorgeous, post pictures!
    i'm going as a 20's flapper girl hahaha <3 have fun!


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