Saturday, 31 October 2009
happy halloween!
i'm actually going crazy here wondering what to wear.
i'm thinking ripped tights, topshop acid wash skirt, lace body, crazy cat lady hair and red lips. kinda like a vampire/frankinstean. like this:

what is everyone else going as? :)

lacey racey

Monday, 26 October 2009
halloween is soon coming up, and i actually have no idea what to wear. i'm going to sammies house & i've planned to go as a vampire. you know the type; red lips, lace, messy hair. i can't seem to find anything which doesnt look obscenely slutty, but i made these four possible polyvore sets that i would love to wear:
option one.
velvet bandeau, velvet body, mesh skirt and heels; all topshop.

halloween 4

option two.
lace tights, lace body, heels and velvet shorts; all topshop.

hallowweeen 2

option three.
laceup boots, sequin corset, lace tights; all topshop. skirt; unknown.

halloweeen 1

option four.
velvet corset, spiderweb socks, aggie boots and acid wash skirt; all topshop.

halloween 3

ahh i wish anyway. happy monday.

money money money

Sunday, 11 October 2009

only a few things in the polyvore set. i think i could go on for longer but to be honest, i'm afraid what will become of me if i do. i'm fashion obsessed its actually quite scary.


Sunday, 4 October 2009
saturday; london.
running down oxford street, vintage shops in carnaby street, taking pictures of the floral house on my slr, being massive knitted hat buddies with lucy, sitting on cigarettes watching people tripping over, looking at the makeup in selfridges and watching london bridge lighted up with the sunset on the way home.
see? haha knitted hats.

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