Alexa Chung #1

Saturday, 5 September 2009
i really love alexa chung's american apparel skirt :)
i am bidding on it on ebay & i hope it win, because its really lovely. i made this little set on polyvore of roughly what she is wearing (hey, i was bored) but minus the skirt + blazer. i love the cameo necklace!


  1. Ah they'd be good wardrobes to have. All Alexa Chung's clothes would be about 10 inches too long on me though haha. ♥

  2. hahahaha i am more medium height :) although she is freakishy tall & and ver ver skinny.. oh well. i will have the clothes just to look at! ♥

  3. "i think if i had to steal one persons wardrobe, it would either be hers or marykate olsen."


  4. hahaha i think it applys to everyone with decent style ;)


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