yes sir

Sunday, 30 August 2009
10 favourite things at the moment.

elton john CD. all the classics.
studded belt. i wear it everywhere!
benefit bad gal mascara. dont normally wear makeup but i love it.
cath kidston rose lip balm. i love the box!
badger lavender night-night lipbalm. smells like heaven.
fresh cut roses yankee candle. so small and sweet.
polaroid camera. instant mini credit card sized photos.
benefit b-spot perfume. smells like a smoothie.
young me in a photo frame. i love finding old pictures.
my little camera. goes everywhere, seriously, expect a picture.

i tag everyone to do this!


  1. aaaah this is a perfect idea!! i'm going to do it if you don't mind. love your blog <33

  2. of course i dont mind hehe :P thank you! ♥

  3. i dont think i have ever been with you when you didnt have your camera! hehe...but i love it :)

  4. I LOVE elton john. his songs are amazzinngg. and so are benefit cosmetics :)


  5. and that side pic of robert pattinson is SO CUTE.

  6. hehe elton john is the best.. and so is robert pattinson! ♥

  7. i have the bad gal mascara :)
    and omg i love alexa chung and robert pattinson.
    cool blog.


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